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By George Schmok

Well, it’s survey time again and if this survey is anything like last year’s was then the information gained from the LASN survey will prove to be invaluable. Last year we received about 250 questionnaires back from you. This year we have added New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Indiana and are hoping to top last year’s figure. It is also going to be very interesting to compare last year’s figures with this year’s and see what effect our national distribution has on the outcome.

Many of you will notice several questions regarding public agencies. Unfortunately we left out any mention of public works in the ‘86 LASN Survey and received several letters about the importance of this section to the landscape architectural profession. We are looking forward to your responses in this area.

You may also notice that there are fewer open ended questions to deal with. This will make it even easier for you and should also speed up the final correlation. In any event we plan on releasing the results at The LATE Show ‘87 in the November/December issue.

We have tried to make the LASN Survey as complete as possible. There is, however, the distinct possibility that we may have left some stones unturned. If you happen to trip over any of these stones, please let us know. Your input is what sets this profession above the rest.

--God Bless

George Schmok, Publisher

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