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Paver Installation Not So Smooth

Brett Bachman, left, and Michael Pierson, with Stone Creek Landscape and Nursery, install paving blocks in the crosswalk at Fifth Avenue South and 31st Street in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Photo by The (Fort Dodge, Iowa) Messenger

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Many of the brick pavers at a handful of Fifth Avenue South, in Fort Dodge, Iowa intersections are sinking or bulging less than a year after they were put down.

Later this summer, they will be pulled out and put back in place under the watchful eyes of representatives of the company that made them, members of the City Council’s Engineering and Streets Committee learned Thursday.

City Engineer Chad Schaeffer and Jim Harbaugh, a landscape architect and project manager for Howard R. Green Co. in Cedar Rapids, explained the plans for the pavers to the council.

The troublesome stones were placed where Fifth Avenue South intersects with 21st, 25th and 29th streets as part of the Corridor of Commerce project last year. Howard R. Green Co. designed the corridor improvements, which included widening Fifth Avenue South to create a center turning lane.

Water may be behind the paver problems, according to Harbaugh.

''It's our thought that they’re not draining properly,'' he said.

Schaeffer said contractors and the manufacturer’s representatives will travel to Fort Dodge to begin the process of resetting the pavers. He added that the city will not be paying for the work.

''It’s still on the contractor’s back to put this in order,'' he said, noting the city’s sentiments on the project.

Concrete Technologies Inc., of Urbandale, was the general contractor on that segment of the corridor project.

Hovey Construction Inc., of Fort Dodge, is the contractor working on the section of Fifth Avenue South between 29th and 31st streets.

''They’re making good progress,'' Schaeffer said.

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