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The Park with Eternal Significance Rock Church and Academy Park - San Diego, CA

By Tim Jachlewski Jr., ASLA - President, In-Site Landscape Architecture, Inc.

Artificial turf saves water and supports the heavy use of the 14,000 person congregation and K-12 Academy.
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At the point of the pro-bono re-design, the original plans (by others) were completed and approved by the City and the 216,000 square foot building was already in construction. The new site construction documents were re-processed and re-approved by the City of San Diego in a 2 week period, just in time for the site work to continue without a delay in schedule!


The rainbow is a sign to Noah and all generations that God would be faithful to
His covenant.


A Virtual Walk Through
Since the project is located in the historic redevelopment area know as Liberty Station, the site could not have any traditional “religious” icons (such as a cross) on the exterior visible to the public. The redesign of the park includes a virtual “walk through the Bible” from creation to salvation using the landscape as a symbolic media. The growing 14,000-person Church congregation and K-12 Academy heavily use the park for recreation, sports, recess, P.E., special events, festivals, outdoor dining, education, and prayer.


Landscape Imagery

  • Seven stone seatwalls and lush plantings symbolize the 7 days of creation.
  • Thorn plantings symbolize our sin.
  • The artificial turf field symbolizes the great flood and the water of baptism.
  • An Olive tree is a literal symbol from the Genesis account when the dove returned to Noah with a freshly plucked olive leaf.
  • A rainbow on the ground plane is a sign to Noah and all generations that God would be faithful to His covenant
  • Three dwarf Italian Cypress trees symbolize Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).
  • Twelve sections of pavement symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve disciples of Jesus.
  • Papyrus plants symbolize Moses; he was placed in a Papyrus basket as an infant.
  • Ten concrete steps symbolize God’s law, the Ten Commandments.
  • Red Bougainvillea symbolizes the sinless blood of Jesus.
  • Three Date Palms symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three crosses at Jesus’ crucifixion, and the three days before the resurrection.
  • Plantings of Lamb’s Ear, the ‘Lamb of God’, the perfect, final sacrifice.
  • A narrow pathway and children’s playground symbolize the narrow path that leads to eternal life and Heaven.


The “Promised Land Playground” is designed to promote physical fitness.


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