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Lawns by Yorkshire & NBA NETS Honor Green Efforts

On April 5, Steven Jomides, CEO of Lawns by Yorkshire, spoke to sixth through eighth grade students at the Newton School in Newark, New Jersey. Jomides said, "By combining ecology and education with the spirit of community-giving, everybody benefits. We're committed to making our planet and community a Greener and healthier environment. We value our relationship with the NETS as they have exhibited that they are dedicated environmental stewards."

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Lawns by Yorkshire, a commercial landscape management firm that provides green and sustainable landscape and snow services throughout New Jersey and New York, and the NBA NETS concluded a week of activities devoted entirely to environmental stewardship, education and heroism.

On April 3, Steven Jomides, CEO of Lawns by Yorkshire, presented court-side at the NBA NETS' IZOD Center the first-ever Greenest Fan award. NET fans had to write an essay explaining what made them GREEN. Craig and Jeanine Broek won the award based on their recycling, composting and bicycling efforts, including of notable interest, purchasing gently-used items for their newborn. The Broeks received the Earth Machine, which is the world's best-selling backyard compost bin compliments of Orbis(R), and the Wiki Garden, a sustainable and cost-effective organic food production system, as prizes. They were also rewarded with four tickets to the NETS vs. Hornets game on April 4, 2010, and a basketball autographed by Brook Lopez courtesy of the NETS and Lawns by Yorkshire.

On April 7, 2010, Lawns by Yorkshire gave spruce tree saplings and Farmer's Almanacs to the students in a class at E. Roy Bixby Elementary School in Bogota, New Jersey.

On April 5, Jomides spoke at the Newton School in Newark, New Jersey and educated the sixth through eighth graders on the ecological and health benefits of plants. Continuing the educational focus on April 7, 2010, in association with Lawns by Yorkshire, the NETS visited a class at E. Roy Bixby Elementary School in Bogota, New Jersey. Lawns by Yorkshire donated spruce tree saplings and Farmer's Almanacs to all the students in the class.

On April 9, NETS Basketball and Jomides presented the Go Green Award to Rosalie Lavinthal, from Partners for Parks, on center court during the NETS vs. Bulls game. This award was given to a local Green hero in the tri-state area during NBA Green Week. Rosalie represents the Partners for Parks division for the Land Conservancy of New Jersey and is responsible for the coordination and implementation of their volunteer programs. Steven Jomides, founder and president of Lawns by Yorkshire, presented the two prizes, which again included the Earth Machine and The Wiki Garden, to Rosalie for her commitment to assisting in the growth of local parks.

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