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LCDBM April 2012 People in the News: Peter Hofman, Michael Padgett, Lori Rathje & Chelsea Heimbuch-Skaley

Peter Hofman

Michael Padgett

Lori Rathje

Chelsea Heimbuch-Skaley

Janet Moyer Landscaping appointed three directors to its board. They include Peter Hofman, Michael Padgett and Lori Rathje. Hofman is vice president of marketing at Measured Progress, a national, non-profit, educational testing company in Dover, N.H. Padgett has served as director of operations for JML for five years. Rathje is the principal of Lori Rathje Consulting. Chelsea Heimbuch-Skaley joined Janet Moyer Landscaping, as an installation landscaper. Heimbuch-Skaley earned her appointment by way of a competition she won in the annual San Francisco Professional Gardeners’ Association Summer Fellowship program.

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