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LC/DBM February 2013 Table of Contents

On the cover:
This Garrett Churchill, Inc. fence was made from Cedar and bamboo to complement the home's natural theme. This fence is one of 13 fence, wall and gate projects featured in this month's cover story.

  • Choosing The Right Grass Trimmer
    The primary factor when choosing a trimmer is how much use it will see during a set time. The more use it gets, the more a contractor should spend on it (to a degree). A higher price doesn't always mean a better product, but it's a good benchmark nonetheless.
    --By Bruce Fordyce, Editor LC/DBM

  • Open Business Opportunities with Gate Operating Systems
    The ability to correctly identify and install the right gate and operating system for a client is an important tool for landscape contractors. In a recent LC/DBM survey, 78 percent of contractors said that fences and gates installed for safety and security purposes were the most likely growth sector in the field.
    --By Kyle Cavaness, Editor LC/DBM

  • Fences, Walls & Gates Project Showcase
    For the Fences, Walls & Gates issue, LC/DBM showcases 13 fence and wall projects from across the nation. From privacy walls to boundary walls; from retaining walls to those that aid in erosion control; from privacy fencing to the classic white picket fence, the materials used in these projects vary as much as the projects themselves.
    -- By Bruce Fordyce, Editor LC/DBM

  • Industry Interview: AFA's Rick Church
    Founded in 1962, The American Fence Association (AFA) is the largest organization representing the fence, deck and railing industry, with 31 chapters across the United States and Canada. LC/DBM recently sat down with AFA's Executive Vice President, Rick Church, for a Q&A on the fencing market's recent past, and his predictions for the future.
    -- By Michelle Medaris, Editor LC/DBM

  • Sound Wall Solutions
    Sound walls, or noise barriers, are landscape elements typically constructed of cast-in-place concrete or masonry block to absorb or deflect noise from roads, railways and industrial areas. These barriers can effectively reduce noise levels, but often cause undesirable secondary impacts.
    -- By Kyle Cavaness, Editor LC/DBM

  • How to Become a Fencing Contractor
    If you're a landscape contractor looking for ways to expand your business, the fencing market is one of the most lucrative niches in the industry.
    -- By Larry Shield, Editor LC/DBM

  • Publisher's Commentary: "Sully" -- Stamped Into Our History

  • Hardscapes Louisiana Colonial Backyard Makeover

  • Horsepower Trimmers

  • Product Focus: Fencing

  • People in the News

  • Off the Clock: Kentucky Memorial Garden

  • Green News

Editorial Contributors
Mid-Atlantic Enterprise, Inc.; Garrett Churchill, Inc.; Scotland Yards; Landshapes; Classic Nursery and Landscape Company; Mark Ambtman; Greenstate Landscaping; Parker Homescape, LLC; Borst landscape & Design; Basnight Land and Lawn; McCabe's Nursery & Landscape, Inc.; Precision Landscape & Irrigation; Landscape Labor Solutions; Realm; Sunrise Landscape + Design

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