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LC/DBM January 2014 Table of Contents

On the cover:
To complement a magnificent lakefront view, the owners of this residence in Lake Oswego, Ore., contracted with Stacey Werner of Tryon Creek Landscape Inc. to remove years of mismanaged hardscape and landscaping and create this attractive scene.

  • Why Wooden You?
    Building wooden fences is a service that all landscape professionals should be able to offer according to Hadyn Lazarow of Garden by Design who shares some of his projects and tips.

  • No Molds Required
    Cory Wilkes of Wisco Walls and Falls uses decorative concrete, and no forms or molds, to create perimeter structures that resemble boulder walls, cliff rock walls and natural stone walls.

  • Fencing Fundamentals
    LC/DBM reached out to the American Fence Association, Eastern Wholesale Fence Company in Medford, N.Y. and several fence manufacturers to compile this report on the various types of metal and vinyl fencing products.

  • The Wild, the Rustic and the Refined
    To merge the rustic look of a tree well, the natural look of the yard and the refined look of a new pool area, Kelley Hannah of The Plant Goddess installed an innovative retaining wall, which incorporated tube planters.

  • Publisher's Commentary: Welcome to 2014

  • Hardscapes: Stone Walls for Steep Hills

  • Product Focus: Fencing

  • Off the Clock: PLANET Gives Back

  • A New Year's Resolution

  • Economic News

Editorial Contributors
Cory Wilkes, Wisco Inc.; Kelly Hanna, Plant Goddess Landscaping; Hadyn Lazarow, Garden by Design; Carl Jackson, Jackson's Nursery; Mike Seo, Seo Construction; Heather Finney, PLANET; Stacey Werner, Tryon Creek Landscape, Inc.; William Feldman, Patti Feldman; Eric Gomez

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