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LC/DBM July 2013 Table of Contents

On the cover:
Not a typical project for a landscape contractor, this fountain in Centennial, Colo., was built and installed from the ground up by Colorado Hardscapes, which sees great opportunity in this area of work.

  • A Constructive Obstruction
    Called in to fix a leaky water feature at a residence in South Barrington, Ill., the contractor, JJ Hayden, Inc., uncovered a major problem unrelated to the first. Instead of bringing the project to a standstill, this obstacle led John Hayden and the homeowners in a different, yet positive, direction.
    -- by Mike Dahl, Editor LC/DBM

  • Perks and Recreation
    An industrial firm in Merrillville, Ind., wanted to turn a piece of their unused property into a green space that their employees could enjoy on their breaks. Smalls Landscaping obliged, creating an award-winning installation that features a pond for fishing, many walking paths and a good-sized waterfall.
    -- by Mike Dahl, Editor LC/DBM

  • Heat's Relief
    Our tribute to pools, one of summer's top pleasures. Homes in Lafayette, La., Orange Hills, Calif., and Potomac, Md., welcome us into their backyards.
    -- by Mike Dahl, Editor LC/DBM

  • Open Flow
    In a nature-rich park, the pond, stream, and waterfalls had lost their vigor so the city asked Ross NW Watergardens to re-energize them.
    -- by Mike Dahl, Editor LC/DBM

  • Uncommonly Built
    The Streets at SouthGlenn Commons, a Denver-area shopping/dining/working/living district, assigned the build of their fountain to a landscape contracting company; Colorado Hardscapes.
    -- by Mike Dahl, Editor LC/DBM

  • Publisher's Commentary: Can I Have a Drink of Your Water?

  • Product Focus Water Features

  • Hardscapes Creating Space: Building Yards with Retaining Walls

  • Product Profiles

  • Off The Clock Renovation at Boys & Girls Club

  • The Fight for Water

  • Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

  • A Little Knowledge...

  • Immigration Bill Update

  • Beat the Heat (Stress)

  • Small Engines Under Fire

Editorial Contributors
John Hayden, JJ Hayden, Inc.,; Nancy Marshall, Small's Landscaping; Karen Van Heukelem, Colorado Hardscapes, Inc.,; Kari Whitehead, Tim Rowan, Rowan Landscape and Pools; Ben Bowen, Ross NW Watergardens; James Walsh, Outdoor Hardscapes; Charity Landry, Grass Roots Inc.; Lindsey O'Connor, Rosetta Hardscapes, LLC; Amy Conrad, Conrad Public Relations

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