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Rolling Into Q3 No Time To Collect Moss!

By George Schmok

Whew . . . What busy year it has been so far . . . Hope you all received and are finding the May LC/DBM Buyer's Guide to be useful and informative. It always takes a few extra days to put that one together and then a few extra weeks to get the team back on track and actually writing news and feature articles after all those lists and product profiles.
This year there were more than 250 ads and 300 profiles in the edition and when you factor in that each profile had 7-9 parts, and factor in the lists of suppliers and nurseries, and factor in that LC/DBM's sister publication Landscape Architect and Specifier News had even more, the team dealt with some 25-30,000 individual little parts to get you a quality product. (Hopefully that's what you feel you received . . .)
Picture one month a year where although you are a Landscape Contractor, you personally layout the plans for 30,000 uniquely different sprinkler heads. That's what our team of artists and journalist go through every year just for you. Now I'm not complaining . . . Instead I'm really giving the team a public pat on the back . . .
Oh yeah . . . Then we put all those product profiles into the individual LandscapeOnline vendor profiles so you can now also find them in the product search as well . . . Did I say, "Whew" . . .
Speaking of LandscapeOnline, we also re-launched the newly designed and super functional site in January 2012. This year we expect close to a million visits, virtually all from professionals, and upwards of 1.5 million page views. (No wonder ad revenues and banner space are both beating expectations as well . . .) In the very near future you'll find new blogs and comment sections attached to the articles. To assist your search for companies, you'll also find their logos as well as being able to search for thousands (actually tens of thousands) of individual product shots to help with your next project.
While there are other functions to the site, like the construction business section and the association section with hundreds of associations and thousands of events across the nation, (plus the e-store and Trade Show Division) the main function of Landscape Online is to help you with researching projects, news, laws and products. Virtually every article ever written for LASN and LC/DBM, plus thousand of other news items and features, and about 30,000 vendors, contractors, consultants are all found in the site. If you haven't . . . Check it out. If you like what you see, Great! If you don't . . . Please let us know what we can do better . . .
And if that wasn't enough, we launched a new regional trade show and conference for Landscape Architects, Land and City Planners, Park & Rec professionals and Landscape Designers. More than 1,100 design professionals met for one day in one wing of the Long Beach Convention Center that featured more than 140 exhibitors filling some 299 booths.
Yep . . . There's no moss under these feet. So, even though as I am writing this the stock market has plummeted and given back all it had gained this year, and with an election coming up that most business owners are hoping will change the meaning of Hope for Change . . . (Okay. That was my first political comment in almost three years . . .) If we all just keep grinding ahead (not 'Forward' . . . Oops. 2nd comment . . . Sorry . . .) and keep building for growth . . . Growth will come!
In the mean time though, I'm off to two weeks in the Aloha State . . . Not 'Birthing' (Hey . . . It's an election year! I gotta let the tiger out once in a while), but definitely doing research into one of the best landscapes ever planned . . . Come join me . . . I'll be the one with the hiking boots, binoculars and a camera . . . Or the one on the lounge chair with a hat pulled over my eyes and a sign that says, "Yes. I'll have another!" =)

Aloha . . . and . . . God Bless!

George Schmok, Publisher

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December 6, 2019, 12:37 pm PDT

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