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LC/DBM October 2013 Table of Contents

On the cover:
Attachments like this auger mounted to a Ventrac KH500 Versa-Loader give landscapers the ability to handle more jobs and subcontract less.

  • Decoding GIE+EXPO
    One of the largest trade shows in the nation, GIE+EXPO has had an interesting evolution. We contacted the various organizations that take part to find out how, when and why they got involved and what they are planning for this year's show.
    --By Michelle Medaris, Editor LC/DBM

  • Easing Hardscape Installation
    Traditional tools still have their place but modern equipment can make jobs more straightforward and contractors more competitive. Here is a brief look at some of those tools.

  • Payload Haulers
    Equipment and materials have to be hauled. This article evaluates available options in trailers, truck beds and boxes to help set the stage for an upgraded mode of transportation.

  • Harnessing Utility
    Little makes a skid steer or loader more effective, and makes an investment in one pay off better, than one of the many powerful, time-saving attachments, knowledgeably selected for the task at hand.

  • Publisher's Commentary: Equipping You for Success

  • Hardscapes Hardscape Harvest

  • Product Focus: Hardscapes and Equipment

  • Product Profiles

  • Off the Clock: Children of the World Interact with Landscapes

  • Tier 4 Update

  • Economic News

  • Safety First

  • Renting VS Buying

  • Asset Protection

  • Take in a Show

  • Survey Says...

  • Not Stuck in Neutral

Editorial Contributors
Kris Kiser, OPEI; Joan Haller, PLANET; Jessica Chase, ICPI; Tom Shaner, PGMS; Kevin Segovia, Oakridge Landscape, Inc.; Samantha Spitale, ASLA, Outside Landscape Group LLC

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