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LC/dbm Expands Reach . . . Interactivity

By George Schmok

Welcome . . . I say welcome today because LC/dbm has just added 24,500 new professionals to its monthly distribution. That's right . . . Thanks to digital technology LC/dbm's monthly distribution is now more than 70,000!

While many of the new readers are familiar with LC/dbm, this September issue is the first time they have been sent the iPad-friendly digital issue with special invitations and links. Some of you reading this may have been forwarded the issue and if you click here you can sign up to receive the magazine as well.

Not everyone qualifies though. LC/dbm is definitely not meant for your aunt Susie or uncle Todd to help them with their gardening.
No . . . LC/dbm is purely a professional journal meant to entertain and educate landscape contractors and commercial landscape professionals.

In fact, LC/dbm's print version is mailed to about 50,000 landscape contractors who own (and built) their own business. The digital version is now sent to hardscape contractors, landscape superintendents, erosion control contractors, landscape designers, foremen and other professionals who can benefit from the content, but do not meet the stringent qualifications needed to receive the print version.

We could have added up to 65,000 professionals to the list, since LC/dbm's parent company, Landscape Communications, has one of the most extensive email databanks of landscape professionals on the planet, but LC/dbm is not a good magazine if you are a Registered Landscape Architect, city planner, park and rec professional or architect. LC/dbm's big sister, Landscape Architect and Specifier News - LASN - is a better fit for those folks. So don't expect to start seeing articles about city planning or playground design in LC/dbm.

What you will start to see more of are little links and clickable buttons, that seem out of place on the printed version. Sorry, but rest assured, when they figure out how to have you click a printed page and get to a website, LC/dbm will be at the front of that technology. Unfortunately that's not quite available yet . . .

Anyways . . . We hope you enjoy your September issue, whether you are holding it in your hands or viewing it on your tablet. Either way, be sure to take a look at the LC/dbm marketplace starting on page 42. LC/dbm has more than 140 monthly advertisers in that section and you'll find everything from lawn mowers and backhoes to irrigation controllers and soil amendments. So be sure to make LC/dbm your first stop when shopping for products or looking for tips to help your business . . .

If you would like to receive LC/dbm either in the print or digital version, let us know by using the card found on page 53, following the link above or by visiting . . .

Lots of new things are in the works, so keep your eyes on LC/dbm. Thanks for your readership and . . .

God Bless . . .

George Schmok, Publisher

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December 6, 2019, 12:38 pm PDT

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