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LC/DBM's Annual People's Choice Awards: Top Viewed Project Feature Articles of 2011

Here we showcase the top 20 project features of 2011. LC/DBM defines a project feature as an article about one single project from one landscape contractor company. According to the 2011 landscapeonline survey, project feature articles rank as the highest interest level among respondents.

Number One Most Viewed Project Feature - Heffernan Landscape Design (Residential)

This project was a rather smallish, suburban backyard that was populated by ratty, neglected shrubbery, and an almost non-existent lawn. The household includes two active young boys, with plenty of friends to add to the mix. The homeowner's mandates were to include a fireplace with a sitting area, do something with the side yards that were eyesores, make the entrance into the yard welcoming, and reduce the impact of the play set that overwhelmed the center of the lawn.

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Number Two Most Viewed Project Feature - Gasper Landscape Design & Construction (Residential)

Shown here is the inside, where the homeowners planted landscape away from the hungry mouths of local deer. The fence measures seven feet high, and is anchored in the ground with concrete post footings. The fencing construction took several weeks. The fence panels were built offsite during the winter in Gasper's construction facility. This allowed them to get a jump-start on construction during the slower winter months.

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Number Three Most Viewed Project Feature - Carville Landscape Co. (Residential)

Crews from Carville Landscape Co. installed steps and retaining walls using the Eagle Bay Highland retaining wall in blue ridge color and Eagle Bay bullnose coping in sahara color. They are also installed Vista step lights underneath the bullnose coping.

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Number Four Most Viewed Project Feature - JP Lawncare & Landscaping (Residential)

To backlight a small evergreen tree, the contractor used a 4.5-watt 60-degree LED wide-beam spotlight. JP used all direct burial wire and dug it 6-8 inches down in the landscape beds then covered the wiring with fresh mulch. The area contains Canadian hemlock surrounded by various hosta varieties.

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Number Five Most Viewed Project Feature - Garden Studio Design (Park)

The hardscape features 12 yards of Mesa Buff-colored concrete (from Davis Concrete) finished with a light acid wash. The acid washing produced an even, sand-textured finish. The total hardscape covers 800 square feet. To shield the area from the parking lot, the contractor planted a 6-foot hedge of ligustrum japonica Texanum (privet).

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Number Six Most Viewed Project Feature - Duxbury Gardeners (Residential)

Duxbury Gardeners constructed this 18 x 14-foot pergola with pressure-treated timber that was then painted white. The pergola posts were placed on 3-foot columns for support; the base of the wall and columns were set on a crushed stone concrete base, and then the contractor capped the columns with rock-faced bluestone.

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Number Seven Most Viewed Project Feature - Scott Cohen Designs (Residential)

The pavilion features split-level patios to accommodate the swim-up bar. Cohen's wood crew built the pavilion; for support, the structure employs six steel poles with 5-foot deep concrete footings. Workers wrapped the steel posts with decorative precast concrete columns, and then constructed the fireplace using a custom in-house design. The total project took eight months to construct.

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Number Eight Most Viewed Project Feature - Josh Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. (Residential)

The waterfall is a closed-loop system that takes all of its flow directly from the pool itself. The contractor used a mini excavator to dig and prep the streambed area. After which, they imported natural native rocks to build the waterfall shelves and line the edges of the stream with native natural boulders. The system uses a 5000-gallon per hour pump, which was plumped right into the pool. This created a closed stream/waterfall system with plenty of flow.

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Number Nine Most Viewed Project Feature - Signature Landscapes (Commercial)

The Legends project transformed the space into a mall and retail center, with 100 multi-use tenants on 1.2 million square feet. More than 35,000 square feet of hardscape in multiple paver styles, sizes and formats was installed. Calstone Quarry Stone Natural Slate; Belgard Dublin Cobble Pavers; Belgard Holland Stone Pavers; Wausau Granitex 24-inch pavers and Wausau Washed Glass 24-inch pavers were used throughout the project.

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Number Ten Most Viewed Project Feature - Turftenders Landscape Services (Residential)

The installation of the fiberglass slide involved adding 20 cubic yards of soil, 20 tons of fieldstone boulders and setting the slide in a bed of mortar. Workers used a Bobcat 334 excavator, a Toro dingo mini loader, and Boxer mini skid steer to build up and position the boulders. Workers also installed drip irrigation for the plants and wiring for the low voltage lighting.

Online article:

Number Eleven Most Viewed Project Feature - Moore Landscapes, Inc. (Park)

For the North President's Court Potager Garden project, the contractor planted a spiral of the Japanese herb Shiso (also known as Perilla) that has a mild anise flavor. The maintenance for this area is shared between Moore Landscapes and volunteer groups, depending on the city's needs, but the CPD encourages as much volunteer involvement as possible.

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Number Twelve Most Viewed Project Feature - Site Planning Site Development, Inc. (Commercial)

Site Planning Site Development, Inc. created a special water feature that became an integral architectural element for a new trendy restaurant, R+D Kitchen. Located in North Dallas, the project features a 2-tier fountain, Koi pond and a 30-foot weir of distressed concrete wall.

Online article:

Number Thirteen Most Viewed Project Feature - Neave Group Outdoor Solutions (Residential)

Located in Wappingers, New York, this Neave Group Outdoor Solutions project features two distinct patios. The upper patio was built using 8x8-inch Umbriano autumn sunset squares installed in a square pattern; they then inlaid a basket weave pattern of copthorn burgundy red stone.

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Number Fourteen Most Viewed Project Feature - The City or Los Angeles Dept of Recreation and Parks (Park)

Contractors planted oak trees and palo verde plant material on the hillside. To prep the soil, crews scraped and turned the first 12 inches with machines then added standard amendments and gypsum in some areas where possible. The entire park is on an automatic irrigation system, which is controlled via an Alextronix Eneron weather based controller.

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Number Fifteen Most Viewed Project Feature - Summerset Gardens (Residential)

The contractor installed a Fogco fog/mist system. The air pump and water feed were located behind the spa and waterfalls by the swimming pool equipment pad. As with the outdoor lighting, swimming pool and waterfalls, the homeowner can control the fog system via an iPhone or iPad.

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Number Sixteen Most Viewed Project Feature - Willdan Engineering (Park)

Willdan installed Miracle Recreation Equipment Company-brand playground equipment. The playground safety surfacing was specified using engineered playground wood fiber supplied by Artesia Sawdust. The contractor laid 400 cubic yards of this material by hand. Willdan used a backhoe for excavating the palm tree planting holes, and cranes and flatbed trucks were used for transporting, loading and unloading. The palms shown include Date Palms and California Fan Palms, and were planted as 15-foot brown trunk height.

Online article:

Number Seventeen Most Viewed Project Feature - Robert Huff Landscape Illumination (Residential)

Due to the skill and design / installation of the contractor, the pool area takes on a whole new look for this Memorial Area in Houston, Texas project. To achieve this, the contractor wired in 100-watt Mercury Vapor Uplights to illuminate the trees and palms, as well as two-way halogen light to highlight the facade.

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Number Eighteen Most Viewed Project Feature - BB Mofic, LLC-Landscape Design & Contracting (Residential)

BB Mofic built two garden ponds next to the homeowner's patio with the waterfall at the top. The ponds were dug by hand. The contractor used 45-mil Firestone PondGard liner product under all the ponds and streambeds. Workers sealed the liner in place using Firestone primer and sealant.

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Number Nineteen Most Viewed Project Feature - City of Daytona Beach, Florida (Park)

For grass removal, four workers used turf cutters to remove the turf; five workers performed the stone and drainage prep, and eight workers installed the turf. The sod and sand was removed and taken down about seven inches deep and leveled.

Online article:

Number Twenty Most Viewed Project Feature - Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation (Park)

The Taylor's Dream Boundless Playground sits on six acres, and was planted with a wide variety of plant material, including Serviceberry trees, Miss Kim Lilacs shrubs, Moonshine Yarrow and Feathered Reed Grass. Called an ''Aero Glide,'' this playground equipment can hold up to a dozen kids and sways back and forth like a boat.

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