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Landscaper Makes Commitment to Charity

By Michelle Ryan, regional editor

This McDonald's in Rocky Mount, Va. received a makeover from Ronnie Mitchell and Son Landscaping. The company recently made it their policy to donate a portion of their profits to a worthy cause, and in particular the Ronald McDonald House charities.

Ronnie Mitchell has made it his policy to do as much "social marketing" as possible. So from now on Ronnie Mitchell and Son Landscaping, based out of Rocky Mount, Va. will be giving a percentage of the profits from every project to charity.

Mitchell is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech where he took some horticulture classes and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management. His father started the company fifteen years ago, and although he took an interest around the age of 14, had no intentions of continuing in the industry after graduation. However, his father had a different plan in mind, when this past May, he surprised Ronnie by giving him half of the company, and thus a new trend began. A trend that involved giving back to the community.

In November 2006 Ronnie Mitchell and Son Landscaping, a company that provides landscaping, lawn care, seeding, sodding, erosion control and now hardscape services was hired to work on the landscaping at a new McDonald's project in Rocky Mount, Va. On this project the decision was made to donate 100 percent of the profits to the Ronald McDonald House charity. On any given project the decision is left to the homeowner or company to pick the charity in which the donation will be made. However, if left up to the company to pick the charity, the local Ronald McDonald House of Southwest Virginia will be selected.

Among the shrubs that were planted as part of the McDonald's landscaping project were four dwarf fountain grass, seven Greensboro red camellias, one Hollywood juniper, nine Knock Out roses and 13 abelia.

Installing Color and Turf

It took the company about three days to complete the McDonald's project, which began with topsoil being hauled in. Then the beds were prepped along with areas where sod was to be installed. The project required approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of sod and four tandem loads of topsoil. Five October Glory maples were planted, along with one autumnalis cherry and five Dynamite crape myrtles. As for the shrubs, many varieties were planted including Gumpo white azaleas, green luster hollies and variegated miscanthus. In addition, 90 daylilies and 32 Verbena were planted as groundcover and perennials. After the plants and the sod were installed, the mulch followed and the plants and sod were fertilized.

When it was all said and done, the local Ronald McDonald House received a donation of $5,200 from Ronnie Mitchell and Son Landscaping. In addition, the company also has offered to provide free landscaping to the charity. In the fall of 2006, the company redesigned the front of the house and was able to do a fall cleanup of the immediate surrounding area. A local supplier, Hilltop Mulch, also of Rocky Mount, helped with the redesign by providing a portion of the plants and mulch that was used.

It is Ronnie Mitchell's belief that every company should have a strong focus on social marketing. "Pick and charity and donate to it," he says. "There are only good things to come by it." Taking on this new style of business has brought about a dramatic change in the operation.

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Source: Ronnie Mitchell and Son Landscaping

When the task was completed Ronnie Mitchell and Son Landscaping was able to present a check in the amount of $5,200, accounting for 100 percent of their profits on the job to the local Ronald McDonald House of southwest Virginia.

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