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Tired of Washed Out Well Lights?

New immersion-proof products might just
change the way you think about fixtures and water

By Jodie Carter, regional editor

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If you thought water was the mortal enemy of landscape lighting ballasts, a new breed of in-grade fixture just might make you reconsider. The Tenaya(R) in-grade fixture by B-K Lighting is designed to withstand immersion in up to three feet of water. What lets it sink like a submarine and keep humming? The fixture incorporates a water management system that includes a patented anti-condensation valve that creates a vacuum seal to keep water and condensation from entering the lamp housing--allowing it to remain illuminated even when completely submerged.

“The fixture has all the ingredients for a simple clean installation,” says Dan Cimino, president and owner of Mid-State Electric Inc., who recently installed eight of the fixtures outside the ritzy clubhouse of the San Jose Country Club in California. Eight Tenaya lights were placed outside the clubhouse window where they would highlight decorative trees while allowing great nighttime views of the valley below. “That area gets water from sprinklers,” says Cimino. “At least two of the lights were installed in a low recession area where irrigation and rain water will definitely run through.”

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Mike Schultz, a sales rep for B-K Lighting, recommended the fixture for the clubhouse site, and so far the lights are performing well. “I was skeptical at first,” says Cimino. “Lets face it, every time you install in-grade fixtures there are always inherent problems with water. The jury’s still out, but so far the lights have been in the ground over a month, there’s not a bit of condensation on the lens, and the effect at night was outstanding.”

The Tenaya in-grade lighting fixture has an eight-inch-diameter aperture available in flat, dome, or extra heavy-duty glass, plus fully adjustable (360 degree) accessories, including a rock guard, slotted rock guard, glare shield and half dome. Lamping and power supply features include low voltage, metal halide, compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor. They’ve thought of everything–the fixture also has a leveling trim collar, which allows for adjustment of the faceplate to compensate for uneven installation conditions. Other great features include large, easy-access top and side openings to the junction box; patent-pending HydroLockTM technology to seal the junction box; and a dual-axis OptiLockTM mechanism for both customized lamp aiming and secure optical adjustment. Available in aluminum, brass or stainless steel construction with over 200 standard finishes.

Mid-State Electric Inc.

Dan Cimino is president and owner of Mid-State Electric Inc., an electrical contractor that’s been in business since 1999. They serve the South Bay area of California. Find out more at

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18 – Depth in inches required for burial of wire for a 120v landscape lighting system.

Source: The Landscape Lighting Company

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