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ANLA Partners with Ian Baldwin for Trip to Glee

Ian Baldwin, a garden industry veteran, will lead North American retailers on a buying trip to Glee, the top international garden show.

Ian Baldwin, leader of the popular England Garden Center Tours for the past decade, will lead North American retailers on a buying trip to Glee, the top show on the international garden trade exhibition circuit, September 19-21, 2004 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England. The trip (Sept. 18-22) is endorsed by the American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA) and supported by the Scotts Company.

Baldwin will guide retailers through the exhibition's 11 show sectors to meet with vendors and learn how to shop and ship. Each evening, retailers will enjoy networking dinners and other events.

"We have an exceptional network of committed, progressive independent garden center retailers in our membership, and we think that Baldwin's trip offers the ideal way to introduce them to all that Glee has to offer," explained Kellee Magee, director of ANLA member services.

Prices for the tour are expected to start at under $1,600, including airfare, hotel and dinners. Baldwin is also offering an optional two-day "post Glee tour" (Sept. 21-22) of top-class garden centers not seen on his previous tours.

The annual Glee exhibition, a launching pad for innovative products and services, attracts visitors and exhibitors from around the world. It features more than 1,500 exhibiting companies.

For more information on the retail tour, contact Ian Baldwin at 916.682.1069 or at For general information on Glee, visit, or call 609.921.0222.

GreenScapes Alliance launched by the EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently launched the GreenScapes Alliance. The new program seeks to unite government and industry resources in the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste materials in large land use applications including 4 million miles of roadside landscaping, land revitalization and the beautification and maintenance of parks, office complexes and golf courses.

GreenScapes participants fall into two categories. The first group is Partners, which are businesses and agencies that will attain actual pollution prevention results. The second group is Allies, supportive industry associations that advertise and promote GreenScapes philosophies.

Prospective participants include around 73,000 landscape contractors, landscape installers, landscape care and maintenance companies, 16,000 golf facilities, 11,000 organizations in the highway and street construction industry that work on 4 million miles of roads, and 3,066 counties that perform highway maintenance in 52 states, territories and the District of Columbia. The EPA believes that over 100,000 businesses are potential participants in the Alliance.

Functions of the Alliance include:

  • Providing information about cost savings that can be realized from reducing material use and waste, resource conservation, and the performance and durability of environmentally preferred products such as recycled-content and biobased products.
  • Educating land managers that environmentally favorable landscaping efforts create water and energy savings, conserve landfill space and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Publicizing success stories, case studies and technical assistance to help alleviate concerns regarding alternative practices and products.
  • Promoting market expansion of recycled-content and biobased products.
  • Awarding organizations that achieve environmental excellence in reuse, recycling reduction, and rebuying for pollution and waste prevention.

U.C. Davis Extension Offers Landscape
Management Workshops for Spring

On April 22, 2004, the University of California Davis Extension presents "Turfgrass Integrated Pest Management (IPM)," taught by Ali Harivandi, PhD, turf, soil and water advisor for the U.C. Cooperative Extension in Alameda. The course covers IMP principles and practices; turf selection; turfgrass management practices to reduce pests; turf weed management; turfgrass disease management and control; managing turf grasses; and turfgrass inset management and control. The $165 fee includes course materials and a box lunch.

On April 28, "Practical Pruning: a Workshop for Arborists" provides a thorough review of pruning principles and techniques for landscape trees. The morning session will find instructors illustrating pruning principles and practices through lecture, discussion and slide presentations. Field demonstrations and practical exercises constitute the afternoon portion of the workshop. The speakers will refer to the pruning standards recently adopted by the International Society for Arboriculture, Western Chapter. The $190 fee includes course materials and a box lunch.

For further information, call (800) 752-0881, or go to

Nature's Solution to Solid Waste Management

The 14th annual "State of Garbage in America" study, a nationwide survey conducted by the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University and BioCycle magazine, reports that 65.6 percent of U.S. solid wastes go to landfills; 25.7 percent are recycled; and 7.7 percent are combusted in waste-to-energy plants.

There are ways to mitigate the mass of solid wastes we generate instead of dumping them into the ground. Dr. Paul Olivier, president of Engineering Separation Recycling (ESR) has a natural solution-black soldier fly larvae.

"Why should we not recycle food waste, human waste, chicken waste, pig waste and many other types of putrescent waste when nature provides us with an abundance of soldier fly larvae, red worms and earthworms?" Dr. Olivier asks.

Dr. Olivier claims that his company's bio-conversion larvae process, using "one of the most efficient recyclers that nature has to offer," quickly reduces the volume, weight and odor of waste; blocks production of greenhouse gases; integrates nutrients back into the food chain; and recycles waste in a natural way. Dr. Olivier asserts that larval bioconversion eliminates over 95 percent of solid waste and produces residual matter that can be used in a variety of applications, including vermiculture for earthworms.

ESR's "conversion units" have a two foot diameter base (for home use) and a larger commercial unit with a three foot diameter base. For more information, contact 337.826.5540 or go to

Blood Testing Required For
Washington Workers Who Handle Pesticides

On December 3, 2003 the Washington Department of Labor and Industries adopted a new regulation that requires employers provide blood testing for agricultural workers who handle specific pesticides including Guthion, Supracide, Cygon, Sevin, Vydate, Temik and similar products known as toxicity category I or II organophosphate or N-methyl-carbamate cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticides. The rule applies to workers who handle these pesticides for 50 or more hours in any 30-day period.

Provisions of the new rule require employers to keep records of the hours employees spend handling these toxic pesticides, to provide blood testing for pesticide handlers, to train workers on the new law's requirements, to halt workers from handling these pesticides when medically necessary and to protect a worker's wages and benefits for up to three months if blood tests identify potentially harmful cholinesterase suppression in their system.

Cholinesterase is an enzyme critical to the function of the nervous system. These pesticides interfere with the function of cholinesterase by causing it to decrease, leaving nerves in the body over stimulated to the point of exhaustion, which can lead to symptoms ranging from blurred vision, diarrhea and tremors, to seizures, loss of consciousness and even death.

The Department of Labor and Industries began this rulemaking last year as the result of a Washington state Supreme Court decision. The new rule was adopted Dec. 3 and becomes effective Feb. 1, 2004.

For complete information on the new rule, log on to the Labor and Industries website at or call 800-423-7233.

Obstacle Course Returns to Expo 2004

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Walker Manufacturing has announced the return of the Walker Mowers Precision Obstacle Course National Championship at the 2004 International Lawn, Garden and Power Equipment Expo after a one-year hiatus.

The course will provide an opportunity for Walker dealers, owners and operators to demonstrate their skills in a friendly competition.

Expo 2004, sponsored by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, is set for Sept. 24-26 in Louisville.

"Our first experience in holding this event at Expo 202 was well received by participants and spectators," said Bob Walker, president of Walker Manufacturing. "This competition has proven to be a great way to display operator skills and to recognize the achievements of the best Walker operators at the national level."

ALCA's "Masters" Seminar Set for San Francisco

Herndon, Va. - The Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) will move west to San Francisco for its second "Masters in Management for the Landscape Industry" seminar, March 19-20, 2004. About 70 participants attended ALCA's January 2004 Masters session.

The Masters seminar is a private business consultation for managers and supervisors in an interactive group setting that offers real-world techniques to help landscape companies be more profitable. Kevin Kehoe, a business consultant, will be the presenter. Other upcoming ALCA events include:

Student Career Days
March 25-28, 2004
Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio

Touted as the best recruiting opportunity of the year for the landscape industry, this event includes a Career Fair where companies set up displays, network with students, and hold formal interviews.

Sales and Marketing Symposium
July 30-August 1, 2004
Jersey City, New Jersey

Sales and marketing will be the focus of ALCA's 2004 summer symposiums at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City.

Green Industry Conference
and Green Industry Expo
November 3-6, 2004
Charlotte, North Carolina

Excellent educational sessions, combined with outstanding networking opportunities and a look at the latest products, equipment, and resources on display at the Green Industry Expo, make this an important conference for landscape contractors and their employees.

For more information about any of these events or for registration materials, please contact ALCA at (800) 395-2522 or visit ALCA online at (click on "Events")

"Certification will grow in recognition and relevance as we partner with state associations to implement the strategic plan developed a few months ago."

-Kurt Kluznik, CCLP, 2004 president of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America.

AEM Applauds Funding Bill Approval

WASHINGTON - The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) commends the U.S. Senate approval of Senate Bill 1072, authorizing federal highway and transit funding at $318 billion over six years.

"AEM applauds the approval of Senate Bill 1072," said AEM chairman Ronald M. DeFeo. "The association views this vote as an important step towards our nation's vital transportation infrastructure, bolstering the economy and creating jobs." AEM is now urging prompt action by the House of Representatives in the timely approval of a well-funded, multi-year measure to bring the matter to conference and present a bill to the president that illustrates a federal commitment to highway programs.

The senate approved the bill by a 76-21 margin.

John Deere Landscapes Opens 12 New Branches

John Deere Landscapes, the nation's leading distributor of irrigation, lighting and landscape supplies, has announced the opening of 12 new branches in the U.S. The new locations are:

California: Chula Vista, Martinez and Rancho Cordova

Colorado: Brighton

Illinois: East Peoria

Indiana: New Whiteland

Michigan: Howell

Ohio: Richfield and Wickliffe

Oklahoma: Tulsa

Texas: Beaumont

Wisconsin: Eau Claire

The distributor has opened 30 branches in the last year and has 250 locations in 39 states and Canada.

"Our goal is to help industry professionals achieve greater success by offering the benefits of more convenient locations and a wider selection of products," explained Dave Werning, president of John Deere Landscapes.

Products supplied by the company include irrigation and low-voltage landscape lighting equipment, grass seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, pavers, tools and pumps. The company also has 50 regional wholesale nursery centers.

John Deere Landscapes is a division of Deere and Company, Moline, Illinois. For more information visit go to

Landscaper Fined $115,000
for Environmental Violations

In a November 2003 settlement, Pearson Landscaping of Newbury, MA agreed to pay $115,000 to settle allegations that it violated numerous environmental laws. According to Tom Reilly, Massachusetts Atorney General, Pearson Landscaping operated the Newbury Landfill between 1990 and 2000, and ran the wood chipping operation next door. The complaint, filed by Reilly, alleged that Pearson handled, chipped, stored and disposed of solid waste at the wood chipping operation without the required state permits, and illegally filled state-protected wetlands next to the landfill with wood chips. The lawsuit alleges that Pearson failed to operate the landfill in compliance with state requirements for managing sanitary landfills, and improperly filled wetlands at several other sites in Newbury and installed septic systems that did not meet Title 5 requirements.

These environmental laws are critical to protecting the public health and the environment, Reilly said. "Companies have an obligation to know and follow the rules and we will vigorously pursue those responsible for environmental violations."

N.Y. State Proposes Lower
Minimum Thickness for Landfill PVC

New York state is proposing a change to the state's solid waste management regulations to allow the use of 30-mil PVC geomembranes in municipal landfill closures. It would also require the PVC field seams be thermal fusion welded.

Allowing 30-mil thickness PVC not only gives the landfill designer more latitude in specifying geomembranes in landfill closures, but, according to Robert Phaneuf, chief, hazardous waste engineer for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, it would encourage use of alternate field seam testing methods, such as the recently developed air channel testing of thermally welded PVC field seams that minimizes the need for destructive seam testing.

PVC geomembranes arrive on the job site prefabricated into large panels that can be pulled out to cover larger areas. About 70 percent fewer field seams need to be made when using PVC gomembranes versus polyethylene ones, according to the PVC Geomembrane Institute.

Phaneuf expects a preliminary draft of the revised solid waster management regulations available for public comment in late spring or early summer 2004.

Kluznik Named ALCA President

ALCA President Kurt Kluznik, CCLP: "ALCA and the green industry are on a critical path to major growth."

On February 6, 2004, Kurt Kluznik, CCLP, founder of Yardmaster, Inc., of Painesville, Ohio, was sworn in as the 2004 president of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) during the ALCA Executive Forum in San Diego, California.

"ALCA and the green industry are on a critical path to major growth," Mr. Kluznik asserted. "The green industry needs to take its rightful place in professionalism, business practices, public policy, image, and profitability," he added. He acknowledged the "generous, sharing, talented, and selfless individuals" within the industry and an "ideal opportunity to give back to the industry all that it has provided to me over the years."

Mr. Kluznik began Yardmaster, Inc., in 1971, a landscape architectural, design/build, maintenance firm that also does snow removal. The company has expanded to four branches: Avon, Bedford, and Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan.

Mr. Kluznik became a member of the ALCA in 1979. He's been chairman of the certification board of governors, the education committee, the exterior landscape council, founder of the recruiting committee, and secretary/treasurer of the ALCA Board of Directors. "I'm excited to be a part of ALCA as we and the green industry reach new levels," he said.

As ALCA president, Mr. Kluznik hopes to share what he has learned from others in ALCA leadership and to lead the association in fulfilling the ALCA mission: "To ensure the green industry will flourish by cultivating the personal, professional, and business growth of those who enhance the world's landscapes."

Mid-American Horticultural
Trade Show Largest in 31-Years

The 2004 Mid-America Horticultural Trade Show January 14-16 at its new home in Chicago's Lakeside Center, McCormick Place, was attended by 11,381, a 31-year record (13,086 registered, an eight percent increase over last year). There were 655 exhibitors, 136 which were new exhibiting companies.

Thirty-eight percent of the attendees were in landscape services; 18 percent were growers; and about 12 percent were retailers. Nearly 36 percent of the registrants were owners or corporate officials; nearly 24 percent were managers or foremen, indicative that the Mid-Am attracts the decision makers that purchase equipment, supplies and services.

Forth-six states were represented, five Canadian provinces and 11 foreign countries.

"We added 65 more exhibitors and increased the exhibit space by more than 33,000 sq. ft. over last year," noted Rand Baldwin, CAE, managing director of the Mid-Am.

The Greenhouse Growers' Conference debuted as an educational component. The combined conferences attracted 1,033 registrants.

The Mid-Am is the top U.S. horticultural trade show. It is sponsored by the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, Illinois Nurserymen's Association, and the Wisconsin Landscape Federation. For more information, go to

Texas Dept. of Insurance Approves
State Green Industry Workers'
Compensation Group

ADDISON, Texas - The Texas Department of Insurance has approved the application of the Hotchkiss Insurance Agency (HIA), a leading provider of insurance to the building industry and related trades in Texas, to form and maintain the Texas Green Industry Workers' Compensation Group (WC group). The WC group will provide members of the Texas green industry (growers, landscape contractors, retail nurseries) with competitive workers' comp insurance rates.

The WC group will incorporate a management training and a safety program designed to qualify green industry members and their employees for a premium discount.

"This program is a direct response by the insurance industry to the ever-increasing professionalism exhibited by members of this powerful 9.3 billion dollar industry," explained Doug Hotchkiss, president of HIA.

"One of the immediate benefits of the group is the application of the 10.5% premium discount to each member, regardless of premium size. This substantial discount is otherwise unavailable to the typical individual policyholder," reported Anne Davis, vice president of sales for HIA.

The safety program will also give member employers the opportunity to earn policy dividends as a group, in addition to the individual dividends that they may qualify for on their own. Due to their premium size, most green industry workers' compensation subscribers are not currently earning an individual policy dividend.

The Hotchkiss Insurance Agency, founded in 1975, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with statewide locations in Houston, San Antonio, Bryan/College Station, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Boerne. For more information about this program, contact call 800-899-3750 ext.260, or visit

Introducing Landscape Superintendent
and Maintenance Professional

Landscape Superintendent and Maintenance Professional (LSMP) is a new magazine by Landscape Communications Inc., the same company that brings you Landscape Architect and Specifier News and Landscape Contractor National magazines.

Just in time to gear up for summer, the premier spring issue introduces itself to landscape superintendents and maintenance professionals with articles covering the best tips and techniques for springtime maintenance.

The next issue, our Buyers' Guide, won't come out until May. We know all the landscape superintendents and maintenance professionals out there will be compulsively checking their mailboxes for this issue, which provides a comprehensive guide to thousands of vendors and service providers.

The summer issue will break in July with in-depth articles on maintaining turf grass, including irrigation, fertilization and pest control applications.

In September, we release our Show Issue (named because of its bonus distribution at EXPO 2004, the G.I.E. show, the WNGE show, the SCTC show and the IA show), which features articles on equipment maintenance and winterization techniques sure to be handy just as fall approaches.

Landscape Superintendent and Maintenance Professional is targeted toward the needs of landscape superintendents and institutional groundskeepers with free distribution to over 35,000 professionals in industries from college and university to cemetery, sports complex and resort and amusement park management. "Landscape Communications has been in business for 20 years; we are the experts on all aspects of landscaping. Our new publication, Landscape Superintendent and Maintenance Professional, is a place where superintendents and other landscape maintenance professionals can get their industry news and product information in one location," says Chuck Berk, a member of Landscape Communication's sales team.

Every issue of LSMP will feature informative departments including: Turf Talk, Pest Control, Irrigation Issues, Equipment Maintenance, Tree Care, Product Review, Feedback and more. The marketplace section of the magazine will cover the latest lawn products and tools in these categories: equipment, irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, water features, erosion control, pavers, landscape lighting and plant materials and accessories.

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