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LED Lamps Replace Incandescent Bulbs at Washington, D.C. Hotel

With the new LED bulbs, the Hilton Garden Inn in Washington, D.C. has taken significant steps in reducing its energy and maintenance costs while increasing sustainability. Lumen maintenance of these white LED lamps is greater than 70 percent at 35,000 hours of operation, based on engineering testing and probability analysis.
Courtesy of LEDtronics(R), Inc.

LEDtronics(R), Inc. helped the Hilton Garden Inn in Washington, D.C., eliminate the time and costs involved in maintaining old, incandescent bulbs on their marquee canopy by replacing them with the latest in lighting technology -- LED bulbs.

"We have been using the old, incandescent bulbs in the marquee since the hotel was built in 2011, and they constantly burnt out and needed to be replaced at least once a week," said Santosh Borrison, Hilton Garden Inn chief engineer. "By switching to LED lamps, not only do the lights provide a nice appearance, but we do not need to change the bulbs for years, and this saves us an extensive amount of maintenance time and costs."

LED bulbs provide longer life and reduced maintenance costs. These miniature E10 screw based T3 1/4 (9mm) LED Lamps directly replace incandescent bulbs 407, 502, 3708 (5/6V); 3724, 1446 (12/14V), and 1449, 52 (24V) with warm, white light. In addition, they offer up to 90 percent energy savings over incandescent bulbs, with considerably longer life span.

"The old lights on the Hilton Garden Inn's canopy marquee were different because they consisted of mini screw-based lamps with polycarbonate globes on each incandescent bulb," said Gary Anderson, LEDtronics' representative from Eastern Electronics. "These lights were purely decorative, and we found that our standard, screw-in bulbs designed for simple, LED panel indicators and 12 voltage A/C worked perfectly for this upgrade project."

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October 17, 2019, 9:33 am PDT

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