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?Dear LASN: Why don't you provide a fax number to fax this form (comment card and reader response card) back to you? D. Bounds Dallas, Texas Publisher's Note: Past experiences have shown that fax is not the best method to receive these pieces of information from our readers. Faxes can be received in poor quality - particularly with the reader response cards, due to the small print on the card. Very soon, our readers will be able to submit their response online with the launch of the new Dear LASN: This publication is one of the few I receive that I read all the way through each issue. Thanks for the variety of educational information and articles of other projects. P. Underhill Arlington, Va. Dear LASN: Thank you! N. Huberty Torrance, Calif. Dear LASN: Keep up the good work! T. Woodfin Bryan, Texas Dear LASN: Very good magazine; loved the article about Moutrie, Ga - Valdosta is only 45 minutes away, so it's good to see news/happenings/improvements, etc., to a small town in South Georgia. We are very interested in finding/purchasing user-friendly landscape design software help. Y. Morris Valdosta, Ga. Dear LASN: Thank you! R. Bird, Springville, Utah Dear LASN: Your magazine continues to get better and better. Good Information! J. Kuzma Madison, Wis. Dear LASN: Excellent Product. D. Busbin Beverly Hills, Calif. Dear LASN: I found your magazine very informative and full of potential vendors and suppliers. Thank you very much. M. Bernot Carbondale, Colo. Dear LASN: great magazine! Thanks for putting it together! P.S. Leave the bible verses on the editorial page, first thing I read! D. Grove Riverside, Calif.

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