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A Look at State Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education requirements vary depending on the state. Many landscape architects can earn credits at seminars and lectures like this one.

Currently 20 states have continuing education requirements for landscape architects. Mississippi has a voluntary program and nine states have statutory authority, but no requirements have been promulgated: Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and West Virginia. Idaho, Indiana, and North Dakota enacted "enabling" legislation last year.

The following is a state-by-state rundown of continuing education requirements:

  • Alabama: 15 professional development hours each year.
  • Arkansas: 7 CEUs per year.
  • Connecticut: 24 contact hours over two years
  • Delaware: 20 hours over two years
  • Florida: 16 hours over two years
  • Georgia: 12 contact hours over two years
  • Iowa: 36 contact hours over two years
  • Kansas: 30 PDH over two years
  • Kentucky: 15 CE hours each year
  • Minnesota: 24 PDH over two years
  • Mississippi: 24 CED over two years (voluntary)
  • Nebraska: 15 contact hours every year
  • New Jersey: 30 hours every two years
  • New Mexico: 30 contact hours every two years
  • North Carolina: 10 contact hours every year
  • Oklahoma: 24 CEUs every two years
  • Pennsylvania: 10 clock hours every two years
  • South Dakota: 30 PDH over two years
  • Tennessee: 24 PDH every two years
  • Texas: 8 CE program hours per year
  • Wyoming: 16 PDU every two years

Due to space limitations not all of the specific requirements are listed after each state, to view the specifics of your state visit

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