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Lighting Project Showcase

Staff Report

AAA Landscape Specialists, Inc.

For this AAA Landscape Specialists, Inc. lighting project, which is located in Carlsbad, California, the contractor used Unique Guardian copper spot lights with 3.8-watt Brilliance LED bulbs powered by a Unique 600-watt transformer/timer to up-light the palms. In total, the company used 46 spot lights on the project, as well as FX Luminaire DM path lights and custom RGB wall lights made to AAA's specifications by Lightcraft.

The white lights are Unique copper spot lights with Brilliance drop-in LED bulbs, and the path lights are FX Luminaire DM. The contractor installed RGB color-changing masonry lights, custom manufactured by Lightcraft. The system is controlled by a DC transformer, an RGB receiver, and can be operated from a hand-held
remote control.
Photo courtesy of Ryan Waller Photography

As part of LC/DBM's lighting issue, we showcase seven great lighting projects from across the country, and the work and products that went into making them look excellent. The projects use a wide range of lighting, from line-level halogens to low-voltage LEDs, MR16s and even fiber-optics.

Turftenders Landscape Services

Turftenders Landscape Services lit this Raleigh, North Carolina project with 100-percent low-voltage lighting. They installed four transformers (1200-watt, two 900-watt and one 600-watt), digital astronomic timers, and 100 Vista fixtures. A combination of five Vista path lights, three well lights and 14 step lights were used to illuminate the home's patio area.

To accent plant material in the background, the contractor wired in well lights, and special color-changing fixtures were used in the pool area.

Aqua FX

This Aqua FX pool lighting project, which is located in Mount Sinai, New York, features more than 120 linear feet of fiber-optic cable used to light up the waterfall and pool slide. The cables were brought together into an illuminator that houses an Illumini FX 250-watt halogen bulb. In the garden beds, the contractor installed 15 Cast 30-watt LED fixtures powered by a 500-watt transformer. These fixtures are a combination of Cast Lighting well and spot lights. The entire system can be controlled by a Jandy remote control unit.

Backyard Vacations

This Backyard Vacations lighting project is in Vista, California and features 11 gas torches and Kichler LED lights. There are a total of 27 4.5-watt spot lights, six 4-watt path lights, six 1.9-watt wall lights and one 1.4-watt strip light. A single Kichler 600-watt transformer runs the entire sytem. The contractor ran three lines of 12-2 wire for 275, 185 and 235 feet. For this area, the contractor installed seven Tiki torches, path lights and spot lights.

NatureScape Lighting

NatureScape Lighting lit this New Jersey project using 30 Cast and Hadco low-voltage fixtures that were re-lamped with a mixture of Osram Decostar and Halostar energy-saving IRCs. Solid bronze sand-cast fixtures, which have now developed a rich patina, blend seamlessly into the landscape. Cast MR16 area lights bring the waterfall to life and four Cast MR16 bullets were positioned to enable 360-degree viewing and even dispersion of light at the Japanese maple. A My Ambiance home automation control system enables the homeowner to control timing and dimming levels remotely, even from an iPhone.

The contractor fitted two dimmable BK Lighting Deltastar soffit-mounted down lights to illuminate the patio. Workers painted the fixtures white to match the home's trim work, and lamped the fixtures with Osram Decostar Energy Saver IRC halogen 20-watt, 60-degree MR16s fitted with frosted lenses. One Cast Bullet light, which contains an Osram Decostar 14-watt, 38-degree MR16, up-lights the PeeGee Hydrangea.

Artistic Landscapes, LLC

Left: Artistic Landscapes, LLC lit this Andover, Massachusetts pool area using halogen lights. The lights are trained on the project's ornamental grasses as focal points and showcase the hedge of hydrangeas. The company employed two types of fixtures and multiple lamp types to create this "resort-like" atmosphere.

Phos Lighting

Right: This Tulsa, Oklahoma lighting project was designed and installed by Phos Lighting. The company installed four solid-brass underwater fixtures to light the column, and then lit the basin with eight 2-foot LED bars. The backyard trees and smaller fountain are illuminated with 35-watt MR16 bullet lights. 15 custom wall-wash 35-watt halogen T4 lamp fixtures light the house, pool house and perimeter walls.

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