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Lighting The Landscape: A One-Day Course

The Lighting Education Institute is pleased to announce the scheduling of "Fundamentals of Landscape Lighting Design," A one-day "immersion" course on April 1, 2005 covering the essential aspects of landscape lighting design for architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, sales reps, manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, and related professionals. Content includes a review of lighting fundamentals; landscape lighting techniques and technologies, including lamps and luminaires; and tools for the design and assessment of landscape lighting systems, all delivered in an interactive environment with ample opportunity for demonstration and hands-on learning. The course is presented by Craig A. Bernecker, Ph.D., FIES, LC, Founder of the Lighting Education Institute,

Former Director of the Penn State Architectural Lighting Design Program, and President of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and hosted by Seagull Lighting

301 West Washington Street, Riverside, NJ 08075 for more information go to

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