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Lose the Lawnmower, Greet Fake Grass

If summertime yard work has you exhausted, take a lesson in leisure from Jason Mitnick of Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Mitnick’s lawn is plastic—a pre-fab paradise. No fescue, bermuda, or bluegrass; just a perfectly lush and green lawn, with no maintenance.

The days of tacky astro-turf are long gone. To look at Mitnick’s backyard from a distance, every last blade of fake grass seems pretty much like the real deal.

It is the ultimate in lazy landscaping. While the neighbors are out mowing, pulling weeds, watering the lawn, Mitnick is hanging out in his hammock. Mitnick’s world is perfect right now. He actually sells the fake grass, and business is up 50 percent from a year ago, which Mitnick attributes in part to the poor economy.

According to Mitnick, "A lot of people are working a lot longer and a lot harder and really don’t have much time to take care of a lawn. Their weekends become precious. So now you can enjoy the yard without having to take care of it half the day.”

Mitnick can hang out on his lawn without worrying about grass stains. But to some, there’s no getting around it. It’s basically just plastic. The lawn can be scorching hot in the summer, and it’s hard as a rock. For Mitnick’s neighbor, out watering her real lawn, his grass just seems fake. “From a distance it looks very real,” said Michelle Martino, “But [not] when you’re right on it.”

Although fake lawns seems to be gaining more popularity, it will cost up to $10,000 to put the perfect green “grass” in a big yard. Mitnick will tell you it’s worth it, though, if you can spend your weekends like he does: with his feet up, and no yard work on the to-do list.

Source: ABC News

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June 18, 2019, 9:00 pm PDT

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