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Fence Options For Schools, Universities, & Institutions

Fences are barriers that provide safety and security, but not without aesthetic appeal. Take a look at a few of the examples from contemporary manufacturers.

The aluminum construction of this and other products eliminates rust. The powder coat finish withstands the rigors of pool environments. This diagram shows the names of basic fence components. Note that pickets are placed less than four inches apart to keep children (and most dogs) enclosed. Photo courtesy of:

This generic backstop structure employs galvanized posts and chain-link fabric. A more specialized product made by uses materials that are plastic-coated with custom colors. The product can be used for security fencing, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, golf courses, baseball diamonds and pools.

The height of simplicity, this fence with smooth top rail has been modified so that pickets do not extend through the bottom rail. This attractive fence encloses the pool area while letting passersby enjoy the view. The design is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy and fastened with #302 stainless steel Tek screws. Photo courtesy of:

Another option for tennis-court wind protection is provided by vinyl slats inserted through chain-link fencing. Vinyl slats block 85 percent or more of the view and let air flow through, providing a semi-private security fence with improved appearance. The slats also prevent vandals from scaling fences. The photo is from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas. Photo courtesy of:

The "Bennington" design is a traditional look that can blend into a variety of landscapes. Here it sets off a residential yard from a public (golf course) area. Exposed picket tops make the fence much more difficult for an intruder to scale. Photo courtesy of:

Dairy West School in Toronto, Canada uses this four-foot fence system to keep children off a landscaped area. This system uses a rigid panel and post assembly that are galvanized and coated for wear and aesthetic appeal. Unlike chain link, there is no need for larger end or corner posts because the panels are self-supporting. The panels are heavy-duty galvanized steel wire welded into solid one-piece mesh sheets. Photo courtesy of:

Three standard colors (black, dark green and taupe brown) as well as the new optional antique hammer finish (gold, silver and copper ) and nine other optional colors are available for this post-and-wire-panel system. The finish is polyester powder coated with high UV, impact, corrosion, heat and humidity resistance. Photo courtesy of:

How fancy can a fence get? This decorative palace design in St. Petersburg, Russia illustrates that there's no contradiction between security and art. Photo courtesy of:

This "Aegis II" design was engineered to meet a need expressed by architects, developers and site managers -the need of for durable ornamental fencing at an affordable price. This design uses double-walled "U" channel rail. Note the curved and sharpened picket ends, which discourage climbers and increase the fence's security rating. Photo courtesy of:

Ameristar's Echelon Plus fence was engineered to be one of the strongest aluminum residential fence systems on the market. Designed using larger pickets, rails and posts to achieve an 8' post spacing, the design reduces installation costs. Assembled using a retaining rod through the pickets, these panels have the solid look of ornamental iron, without the high maintenance of welded panels. Photo courtesy of:

Lawn equipment, falling limbs, meter readers and teenagers all contribute to fence wear and damage. Welded steel fences like this one provide superior strength and resilience. The rigid-welded-steel construction makes this product strong enough for commercial applications such as retail businesses, storage facilities, schools, golf courses and recreational parks. Photo courtesy of:

Most fence manufacturers also make vehicle and pedestrian gates that complete their systems. An array of hinge and motor products are also available to open and close gates, either manually or remotely. Photo courtesy of:

Good fences make good neighbors.--Robert Frost

A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it.--Arthur Baer

There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event it’s a thing I need.--William Faulkner

Fear is the highest fence.--Dudley Nichols

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