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Can Landscape contractors help spur an increased in demand for their services? JP Horizons held one of its popular Face to Face events recently. This roundtable discussion took a bit of a different twist, though. Dubbed "Face to Face with the Future," the meeting included landscape contractors and representatives of the event's "smart company" sponsors. The goal was to begin looking at the Green Industry, and the role it plays is society, in a new way.
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Encourage Americans to “Come Alive Outside”
Here are some facts. Americans are busier than ever. Kids and young adults spend more and more time inside playing video games, on computers and/or smart phones, and overall “not being as active as kids and adults once were.” While that is a trend that favors some companies and industries, it generally is not a good trend for the Green Industry.

Or is it? As one contractor in attendance stated: “I want my customer to pull into his garage at night, shut the door and not want to come back out. Then he wants to keep hiring me to take care of his lawn.” That’s a very fair statement.

What can contractors do?

  1. Sell the “why” as opposed to just the “what” For example, why would a consumer want you to maintain their lawn? Maybe because you can do it better than they can, more quickly, with lesser impact on the environment. Then they have more time to play catch with their kids in their backyard, or take them to the park, or if they don’t have kids they have more time to go out on the boat. Why would a consumer want you to install an outdoor living space in their backyard? Because they can invite friends over and “go on a mini vacation” three nights a week. Of course, all of this is more than likely going to increase the value of their property as well.
  2. Engage the community. Present the concept of creating and implementing a “come alive outside” project to community leaders. Maybe it’s a monument or other well-landscaped area of town everyone can rally around and participate in the creation of.
  3. Work with other area Green Industry businesses. Get involvement from area landscape suppliers, equipment dealers, even other contractors such as sod companies or irrigation specialists.

Become an educator. Spread the message of “come alive outside” through your website, social media efforts and company newsletters. Work with local media and leaders to help get the message out, especially to young people.

When the landscaping industry emerged in the 1940s, it was because consumers came to appreciate beautiful outdoor spaces. As the Green Industry now looks to further evolve, it must re-connect with consumers and re-ignite that love for the outdoors. It’s time to “come alive outside” once again.

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December 6, 2019, 12:43 pm PDT

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