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Massachusetts School District "Sees the Light"

The Plymouth, Mass., School District now has ROAM (remote operation asset management), and "smart photocontrols" (nodes) are installed on each light fixture, which communicate wirelessly to a network operations center that monitors and controls each fixture in the school district.

After complaints from the community that school lights were on during the day at some campuses (time clock problem), the Plymouth, Mass. School District has installed the ROAM (remote operation asset management) outdoor lighting monitoring/control system (Acuity Brands).

The system allows maintenance staff to customize the outdoor lighting at eight campuses, including elementary, middle schools and high schools, reducing maintenance time and energy costs. Each school can program exactly which fixtures should be on at what times for operation through a simple scheduling tool. A system-monitoring, secure web portal also allows the district to identify at a glance that lights are operating properly.

The previous lighting controls involved mechanical time clocks that required constant setting adjustments at multiple campuses. Now, the district can easily alter light settings to accommodate events on the various campuses, or to adjust lighting during inclement weather. Previously, parking lot lighting was operating nearly 24 hours a day during the winter.

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August 24, 2019, 5:26 am PDT

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