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McAvoy Brick Company Presented with "Golden Trowel Award" by New Jersey Masonry Institute

The McAvoy Brick Factory of Schuylkill, Pa., was recently presented with the "Golden Trowel Award" from the New Jersey Masonry Institute. The brick company was chosen as the Best Public Project and Best Overall Project for the Two Rivers Theater Project in Red Bank, NJ.

The factory has been producing bricks since 1896 and is still owned by the McAvoy family. The 25,000 sq. ft. factory produces up to 100,000 bricks a day, 36 million bricks each year.

"Not too many people in the area, or even the country, make anything anymore and there aren't many businesses owned by Americans," said fourth-generation president, Creighton H. "Butch" McAvoy. "Most brick companies are owned by multi-national corporations."

While many brick manufactures now rely on machinery to produce bricks, McAvoy still relies on hand labor to preserve the quality and efficiency of their product.

"Use the old bricks from a torn-down building and they sell for more than they originally cost," said McAvoy. "Bricks are also the only building material that looks better the older it gets."

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June 15, 2019, 10:24 pm PDT

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