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Meteor Expands Solar Architectural-Grade Bollard Lighting Solutions

Meteor Solar LED SP-8 - smart illuminating bollard lasts five days on full charge. Dimming mode is set at 1/3 brightness and lights to 100 percent brightness for one minute when motion sensor is triggered.
Courtesy of Meteor

Meteor has new SP-8/SP-018 solar LED bollards that offer more sustainable lighting solutions for a variety of outdoor spaces, from campuses to streetscapes.

Following the success of SP-7, one of the first smart solar illuminating bollards with motion sensor, the SP-8/SP-018 also incorporates motion sensors (up to four). It applies step dimming extending operational period. No-wiring design enables these bollards to directly replace current bollards or be installed in off-grid areas where wiring and maintenance is expensive and impractical.

The bollards function entirely on solar renewable energy and operate with zero energy consumption. Modern, low-profile design adapts into new and retrofit projects without altering existing structural elements. Intelligent microcontroller management with advance motion sensor and dimming capabilities provide customized brightness and energy conservation.

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October 20, 2019, 8:18 pm PDT

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