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Miami Design Preservation League Awards EDAW

ATLANTA--International landscape and design firm EDAW was presented with a "distinguished service" award from the Miami Design Preservation League for exemplary dedication and support for their infrastructure plan for the Art Deco District. After presenting an urban design, landscape and streetscape plan to Miami Beach worth $25 million for improvements to the Art Deco District, the city commissioned EDAW to proceed with the project. Construction should begin in 2005. As well as installing new sidewalks, planting street trees, installing side-street bumpers to slow down cars, and creating path connections between different neighborhoods to make them pedestrian friendly, EDAW will improve the water system. They will install new pipes to deliver water more efficiently for fire-flow safety, treat storm water before it discharges into the bay, and upgrade the water system to lessen city floods. The MDLP created the National Historic District in the Art Deco District and works to protect and preserve the architecture of Miami Beach. "The MDPL gave the award to EDAW because they did such a sensitive and caring job of planning the upgrades to the district's infrastructure, everything from streets and sidewalks to sewers," explained Beth Dunlop, chairman of the MDPL support awards. Dunlop characterized EDAW's presentations as "entirely sympathetic and in sync with the historic architecture and urban character of the Art Deco District," and noted the plan worked to enhance the area's pedestrian scale. EDAW's managing principal, Leo Alvarez, said EDAW's key criteria were to balance the needs of the neighborhood with those of the residents, who wanted safety lighting, shade and pedestrian improvements. "The improvements are almost a surgical process," Alvarez observed. "When dealing with a historic urban fabric, there's no room to grow into private property. We had to be very clever about creating bigger sidewalks and inserting trees without losing valuable parking spaces." Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., EDAW has 23 offices and almost 600 employees worldwide. Visit for more information.

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December 10, 2019, 6:56 pm PDT

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