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Michigan Rep Proposes Going 100% Renewable
Aimed at Reaching the Goal by 2050

Michigan Rep Proposes Going 100% Renewable

Other states, like California, have similar laws that attempt reaching 100% use of renewable sources. California's goal is to have that done by 2045, while the new proposed bill in Michigan aims to achieve this by 2050.

In the week of October 18, 2018, Michigan state representative Yousef Rabhi introduced house bill 6466. This proposed piece of legislation would mandate that all utilities, such as water and electricity plants, in Michigan have to use energy from a renewable source by 2050.

The goal would be met in incremental steps, with the aim of raising the state's renewable requirement for utilities to 25% by 2025, 50% by 2032, 75% by 2040 and then to 100% by 2050.

Michelle Froese of, writes, "Michigan law calls for utilities to increase renewable energy production to 15% by 2021 (from the current 10%). H.B.6466 would raise this standard to 25%."

In a statement found on, Rabhi is quoted as having said, "Strengthening Michigan's commitment to renewable energy is vital to the health of our citizens and our economy. As renewable technology becomes increasingly affordable, we have the opportunity to invest in good jobs in our own state, save consumers money, and protect our air and water."

Reportedly, one of the ways in reaching this goal is by closing antiquated coal plants and replacing them with a mix of natural gas plants and renewable sources, such as wind and solar farms.

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