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Moyer Landscaping Wins CLCA Honors

The goal of Janet Moyer LandscapingOs assignment for this award-winning design of a small garden in San Francisco was to upgrade the property by making it more inviting and sustainable.

Janet Moyer Landscaping of San Francisco, Calif. has received an “Outstanding Achievement” award in the “small landscape renovation” category for a residential project completed in the city’s Forest Hill neighborhood. The award was announced on Nov. 9 by the California Landscape Contractors Association at its 2007 Trophy Awards presentation in Nashville, Tenn.

“It is gratifying to receive this kind of recognition for our ability to create beautiful gardens and at the same time produce significant savings with technically superior water management,” Janet Moyer said.

Moyer is not related to LCN associate editor and lighting expert Janet Lennox Moyer of Troy, N.Y.

The overall goal of the JML firmOs assignment for its award-winning design was to upgrade the property by making it more inviting and sustainable. Moyer and her business partner, Michael Hofman, had worked with homeowners Jane Melnick and Eric Brondfield when they owned another house just a few blocks away from their Forest Hill residence.

For a number of years, JML maintained the existing landscape that was mostly grass, while their clients’ children were growing up. Last year, JML met with Melnick and Brondfield to discuss a series of ideas they had to upgrade the landscape, and decrease the use of resources including water, debris removal, fertilizer and pesticide applications.

JML’s garden design and installation involved removing the front and back lawns and a large redwood stump while keeping a number of existing plants such as camellias and a laurel hedge in the back. JML introduced a design in the back yard that took into account an existing deck and allowed for a future installation of a spiral staircase from the deck to the garden area. The new design produced an interesting viewing area in the back yard and from above. Lighting was added to encourage nighttime use and viewing. Spray irrigation was replaced with drip irrigation, and a “smart water management” system using a combination of technologies including weather tracking, satellite communications and paging has reduced water usage by 60 percent.

“Sustainability has always been a driving force in how we design, build and maintain home gardens in San Francisco,” says Moyer. “Water conservation and management is an essential component of that.”

Source: Marketwire

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