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An exclusive neighborhood community on the Gulf Coast provides the setting for this new home- a private paradise- in Naples, Florida. The firm of J. Roland Lieber, P.A. Landscape Architects was commissioned by the client to design a pleasing, tropical landscape incorporating xeriscape principles. The Landscape Architect provided design and construction documents for the pool and spa, driveway, courtyards, irrigation system, landscape lighting and planting- blending the landscape and architectural style into the subtropical environment of South Florida. Unique elements in the landscape design included the client's requests to the Landscape Architects - even before the house was designed on site- for an Orchid atrium, child's playground, fish pond and fountain, lending a unique charm to the intricate landscape design. A sense of an old Florida landscape was created to complement the home's architecture by using large specimen palms, flowering trees, and both native and flowering exotic shrubs. A color scheme of various shades of pink was used in both the hardscape and in the planting to accentuate the client's choice of bright pink for the house. Rose-colored Adoquin stone pavers were used for the patios and driveway, as well as for the pool deck, spa, and fountain coping. Pink flowering plants were used, such as tabebuia, hibiscus, impatiens, bromeliads, pentas and bougainvillea. The front courtyard, the setting for a fish pond complete with waterfall, aquatic plants, and tropical fish, features surrounding mature Carpenter Palms used for shade and spacial definition to the tall home. To reduce the scale of the massive architecture, large Queen Palms were placed at both sides of the house facade. Tall, mature Areca Palms planted abutting against each other provide instant privacy on the property line of the one-acre site. Set below the house level, a black marcited pool reflects the adjacent waterway. The pool and spa are accented at night by a lighted glass block at the pool's water level. Due to building codes the house elevation is set at a higher grade than from the existing ground, and to accommodate this six-foot elevation change, broad sweeping step lead a swimmer from the patio terrace directly into the pool. Joanna Widdows' design of a wooden play structure built in the shape of a boat is the highlight of the playground on the south side of the property; the boat incorporates a swing, slides, climbing ropes, wheels, drinking fountain, lighting, and other various amenities for kids to play on. To blend the boat into the surrounding landscape. Live Oaks were used for shade and Citrus trees. Mangos, Bananas, and Avocado trees were used for the client's tastes as well as for screening from the street. Accent shrub plantings of Thryallis, Bird of Paradise, Indian Hawthorn, and Florida native Fakahatchee Grass were integrated. And by limiting the size of the sod areas, planting Florida native and drought tolerant plants, using eucalyptus mulch on all plant beds, and by designing the irrigation system efficiently by zoning the plants of the same water requirements together- a harmonious xeriscape landscape was created. The hand-selection by the client and the Landscape Architect of three-dozen potted orchids from a local orchid nursery culminated the end of the landscape installation. And then, with the help of the landscape contractor, O'Donnell Landscapes, the project team placed the orchids on chains suspended from beams in an atrium within the house. Equipped with an automatic exhaust system and mist irrigation to provide ideal growing conditions, this atrium will continue to foster the tropical paradise for the resident for years to come. LASN THIS MASTER BEDROOM COURTYARD IS LINED WITH BOUGAINVILLIA AND HIBISCUS. FAKAHATCHEE AND FOUNTAIN GRASSES ADORN THE REAR OF THE RESIDENCE A FRONTAL VIEW OF THE HOME FROM THE STREET REVEALS DAVID HUMPHREY'S OLD FLORIDA ARCHITECTURAL STYLE, ENHANCED BY CLASSIC ORNAMENTATION AND AN ADOQUIN PAVER DRIVEWAY (OPPOSITE, LEFT);, A FLORIDA GULF COAST WATERWAY OFFERS A STUNNING REAR VIEW OF THE RESIDENCE(ABOVE). All photos provided courtesy of J. Roland Lieber, P.A. Landscape Architects. COCONUT PALMS AND INVITING DECK CHAIRS TRANSPORT VISITORS TO A PRIVATE FLORIDA BEACH PARADISE. A FISH POND AND FOUNTAIN ARE FEATURED ELEMENTS OF THE FRONT YARD(LEFT). A VIEW OF THE RAISED SPA AND GLASS BLOCK(RIGHT) REVEALS STATELY COCONUT PALMS AND YELLOW THRYALLIS.

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