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Myth-busting the Men, Sports,
Lawnmower Connection

Research collected from four sources pokes holes in the conventional thinking that sports shows are the best place to advertise lawn and garden products, and that men are the predominate decision makers when purchasing
these products.

New national research findings reported by Scripps Networks Interactive during the Green Industry & Equipment Expo in Louisville, Kentucky revealed that viewers of the DIY Network, which is owned by Scripps, are a better target audience for landscaping products and equipment than cable sports viewers.

"Traditional wisdom has pointed advertisers to sports shows for reaching power equipment purchasers, when all along it's been DIY Network's lifestyle enthusiasts who show the most willingness to spend more on such outdoor products," said Susan Leigh, vice president of national ad sales for DIY Network. "Our network reaches the upscale adult audiences who have the buying power to spend on high-quality equipment."

Scripps Networks tapped into four different research sources to deflate outdated myths about household gender roles: the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), two Experian Simmons national consumer studies, and the company's own Under One Roof panel in a survey of nearly 3,000 respondents.

The research sources found that while viewers of DIY Network and cable sports are equally likely to own lawn equipment, DIY Network viewers are 21 percent more likely to be willing to spend more than anticipated on high-quality equipment.

According to Scripps Networks' September 2014 survey, DIY Network viewers are more passionate about their green space than cable sports viewers; they're more likely to consider themselves landscaping enthusiasts, as well as to agree that "having a yard I am proud of is important to me" and "I like expressing myself by working in the yard."

The same study showed that viewers of DIY Network and cable sports both find landscaping, gardening and outdoor leisure products more suitable to be advertised on DIY Network than on cable sports.

Simmons Fall 2013 Multi-Media Engagement study revealed that DIY Network offers a more ad-receptive and motivated audience than cable sports. DIY Network viewers are two to three times more likely to agree with attributes such as "more likely to buy products in ads" and "it is a way to learn about new products" regarding their respective network.

According to HIRI's 2013 Project Decision study, the female head of household is not only heavily involved in initiating landscaping projects, but she also is likely to do some or all of the work herself. Two out of every three garden and landscape projects involve work by the female household head.

And three out of five times the female household head, at least jointly, selects the functional landscaping materials purchased, such as lawnmowers.

"Because our home improvement programming is so watchable - both educational and entertaining - viewers are even tuned in to the commercials as part of the story," Leigh added. "And time and again our fans describe themselves as motivated by everything they see on our network."

DIY Network attended GIE to develop marketing relationships with manufacturers of lawn and garden products and light construction and landscape equipment and help them grow their businesses.

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