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NACTO Releases Intersection Design Guide
Emphasizes Pedestrian and Bike Safety

NACTO Releases Intersection Design Guide

According to NACTO, physically separated crossings can provide a high degree safety for people of all ages and abilities. Such designs, as highlighted in the new guide, can reduce the likelihood of highspeed vehicle turns, improve sightlines and dramatically reduce the distance and time during which bicyclists are exposed to traffic. Photo credit: NACTO

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) released a collection of best practices for next-generation intersection designs that save lives and make walking and biking more comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. The new guide, Don't Give Up at the Intersection, offers diagrams detailing intersection designs that reduce vehicle-bike and vehicle-pedestrian conflicts.

The guide emphasizes three main goals to enhance safety at the intersection, where conflicts between street users are most frequent:
• Speed reduction
• Increased visibility of bikes and pedestrians
• Right of way given to bicyclists

Don't Give Up at the Intersection presents diagrams of best practices for protected intersections, dedicated intersections and minor street crossings. The guide also details signal phasing strategies that enhance safety, while maintaining or improving street capacity. The best practices covered in the guide include implementation strategies, allowing cities to rapidly design and implement projects.

Don't Give Up at the Intersection is available for free download HERE.

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October 16, 2019, 12:42 am PDT

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