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NAHB Seeks OSHA's Help in Safety Compliance
Small Businesses May Be Suffering Under Tight Regulations


OSHA mandates regulations that businesses must abide by to help improve workplace safety. A representative for the NAHB believes these harsh enforcements can hurt small businesses who need help understanding the rules, and can be burdened by OSHA fines for not being up to the agency's standards.

The National Association of Home Builders asked OSHA to expand its small business compliance assistance to help construction companies improve the safety of their operations.

According to the Small Business Administration, being in compliance with federal regulations cost small businesses 60 percent more per employee than larger businesses.

J. Gary Hill testified on behalf of the NAHB at a House of Representatives subcommittee meeting to ask OSHA to be more understanding and cooperative with small businesses.

"The significant growth in the number and scope of regulations, along with the associated costs of these regulations, has raised concerns from NAHB members about OSHA's heavy-handed enforcement practices and procedures," says Hill.

He outlined three steps OSHA could implement to make regulation compliances more effective and make the agency friendlier to small businesses.

• Focus efforts on providing employers with compliance assistance and training for existing regulations and standards so small business owners do not drown in burdens they cannot meet.
• Develop new ways to partner with employees and achieve compliance. Small employers need assistance understanding the complex OSHA regimen and how to improve identification of hazards in the workplace.
• Develop more modern methods of communicating compliance, such as using videos for education and providing access to online tools.

"By pursuing achievable reforms and leveraging the expertise of industry groups such as NAHB, Congress and the administration can succeed in making OSHA more user-friendly for small businesses while also improving worker safety," Hill stated.

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