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New Construction Equipment Simulator
CM Labs Releases Dozer Simulator

New Construction Equipment Simulator

The inclusion of the new dozer simulation pack adds to the family of construction equipment-related programs, offered by CM Labs, which feature the likes of a backhoe simulator, excavator simulator and grader simulator.

Home-based in Montreal, Canada, CM Labs Simulations has recently released their new "Dozer Simulator Training Pack" that is to be used with their Vortex simulator programs (sold separately.)

According to the CM Labs' website, this latest virtual reality pack teaches trainees: basic controls, setting the correct blade angle, maintenance of material in front of the blade, how to excavate a drainage inlet and how to load/unload a trailer.

While using the program as an instructional tool, the trainer has several managerial options at their disposal, which allow them to score operators on performance metrics like: cycle time, idle time, fuel consumption, blade efficiency, track spin and contact with power lines, personnel or other vehicles.

An official news article by the company states, "Trainees can perform both heavy excavation and fine grading with the simulator's 6-way blade, and dozer tracks even slip based on operator behavior. This enables trainees to learn precision techniques - and efficiency - in an environment that poses no risk to them or to the equipment."

The program also comes with on-screen tips, best practices and performance evaluators that allow a trainee to utilize the program without the aid of an instructor. There are three options for utilizing the Vortex Edge simulator program (which also comes with other packages besides the dozer's). The first is the Vortex Edge, an "affordable classroom training" apparatus that is designed to be used as an educational tool. The second is the Vortex Trainer, a sort of middle ground that comes with joysticks but still operates with the use of a computer. The last option, the most grandiose of the three, is the Vortex Advantage, an arcade-style virtual reality simulator with gigantic screens, an actual construction-equipment seat and realistic controls.

Visit CM Labs' website ( to learn more.

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