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New Edge Breakers Better than Ever!

CEAttachments Edge Breakers are ideal for pulverizing concrete and rock quickly and easily into load-ready debris and are strong enough to break through the toughest materials. Breakers are primarily used in construction and demolition projects, and are also ideal for municipalities.
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CEAttachments, Inc., a global supplier of attachments for compact equipment, added new Edge Breaker attachments for use on skid steer loaders and compact excavators.  
The new attachments have been re-engineered for better performance than ever before. Only two moving parts simplifies the hammer operation and reduces downtime. Breaking force is generated by the hydraulic flow and pressure of the skid steer loader or compact excavator. These breakers feature a nitrogen-charged backhead that increases the impact energy, maximizing hammer production.

Other features include an advanced hydraulic circuit which increases flow to the valve and piston for faster cycle times, increased tool penetration and more productivity per hour. These new EDGE Breakers also have no through-bolts to constantly torque or replace, resulting in less maintenance. Also featured is an easy to replace front wear bushing so that the hammer is always in perfect working condition.

A number of breaker bits are offered to give the necessary precision to break up portions of concrete or asphalt while protecting the remainder from stress. Moil points, chisel bits, inline and cross cut asphalt cutters and blunt tools are available for various breakers, and a tamper tool is also available to compact soil in small areas.

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October 20, 2019, 6:06 pm PDT

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