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New Jersey Finds More Asian Longhorn Beetles

The Asian longhorn beetle infestation continues to expand in New Jersey with several new sites being found in Carteret and Rahway, both in the northeastern portion of the state. The first beetle was discovered in Carteret in August and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture set up a quarantine zone with restrictions on moving firewood, tree trimmings, nursery and other wood products. Tree climbers, surveyors and other specialists inspecting trees have found both adult beetles and eggs. Officials are urging people to look for signs of the pest which include large holes in trunks and branches, oval or rounded tree wounds and large piles of sawdust around tree bases. For more information go to:

The Asian longhorn beetle attacks many kinds of trees and has the potential to devastate North America's great eastern hardwood forests.

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June 18, 2019, 6:36 pm PDT

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