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New Jersey Recertifies Stormwater Treatment Device
Removes Solids, Trash, Debris, and Petroleum Hydrocarbons

The U.S. Clean Water Act sets total maximum daily load requirements for amounts of a pollutant that a body of water can receive while still meeting water quality standards.

Having its performance verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology, a new product for the treatment of stormwater received certification from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as an approved stormwater manufactured treatment device.

This clears the way again for the product, the Dual Vortex Separator from Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions, to be used to meet total maximum daily load requirements for removal of solids, trash, debris, and petroleum hydrocarbons in the Garden State's stormwater systems. A hydrodynamic separator, the unit is designed for implementation in new and retrofits applications where space is limited and effective stormwater treatment is required.

It can also be a component of a comprehensive LID strategy to help increase the service life of infiltration, detention, and retention systems as well as other stormwater treatment BMPs. And the DVS is approved for online application by NJDEP. This can eliminate the need for a separate high flow bypass structure upstream of the unit thereby reducing project costs.

Jay Holtz, Director of Engineering for Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions, stated, "This is just a re-certification of the Dual Vortex Separator under the new NJDEP test protocol. But we made some incremental improvements to the unit to enhance performance and allow online application. The current approval will give designers an effective tool to meet stormwater treatment requirements with full engineering design support and provide a cost-effective and easy to maintain option for contractors and owners."

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May 26, 2019, 3:16 pm PDT

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