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New Jersey Turf Deemed Safe

Even if the New Jersey fields had been unhealthy, school district facilities manager Bob Murray said the Scituate field was not made with lead chromate, the material that caused the New Jersey health scares.

After health scares this winter forced the closing of synthetic turf fields in New Jersey, Scituate school district facilities manager Bob Murray had a reassuring message for the town's school committee.

The synthetic field behind the high school is safe.

"We feel it is safe for us in every way we can look at it," he said.

The Scituate field was installed two years ago. After three similar fields in New Jersey were closed because lead was found in field fibers, the school committee asked that Murray fill them in on the safety of their own artificial turf field.

"It alarmed me a little bit, too," Murray said about the New Jersey field closings.

After looking into the issue, Murray found out that the Scituate students were not at risk, and he said a further review determined that the fields in New Jersey posed no risk to users' heath.

"It turns out there was no threat at all," he said.

Although he said the field is in good condition and well-maintained, Murray told the school committee that it may want to start saving to replace the field, which may be needed within 10 years. However, school committee member Michael Hayes said his understanding when the field was built was that it would last much longer than that, and School Superintendent Mark Mason agreed.

"My expectation has always been 10 to15 years for the surface itself (to be replaced) and then 25 to 35 years for the underlying structure," Mason said.

Source: Wicked Local

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June 18, 2019, 8:52 am PDT

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