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New Linear, Wall Mounted, Rotatable LEDs
Six Different Distribution Patterns, Three Sizes

New Linear, Wall Mounted, Rotatable LEDs

The recent introductions from U.S. Architectural Lighting have lumen levels ranging from 2,100 to 19,866.

U.S. Architectural Lighting expanded its Linear EXT LED product line by introducing three wall-mounted fixtures. The new wall mounts feature the same architectural design as the company's Linear EXT site/area luminaires.

With six distribution patterns, LXT Wall Mounts incorporate the manufacturer's PLED Optical Modules, also used in their Razar Generation Series. PLED Optical Modules are field replaceable and field rotatable to accommodate any site considerations.

Linear EXT Wall Mounts are available in three sizes ranging from 20 LEDs to 60 LEDs with 4000K standard LED CCT. Other color temperatures can be specified. Amber LEDs (PCA phosphor converted) and True Amber (TRA) are also offered.

Lumen levels range from 2,100 to 19,866, and three housing sizes are featured: 8.5" wide x 12" deep, 15.5" wide x 12" deep, and 22.5" wide x 12" deep.

Standard finishes include: black, white, grey, dark bonze and green. Custom colors can also be specified.

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November 18, 2019, 11:43 am PDT

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