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New Sales Lead Service For Landscaping Contractors

By Jodie Carter is a new service built for the landscape industry to provide Internet generated sales leads by allowing landscaping contractors to bid landscape projects requested online. This service has opened the door for landscapers, especially those who do not have a web presence, allowing them to tap into the growing market of Internet savvy consumers looking online for landscaping services.

Sales leads include contact information and a series of project related questions that give landscapers project specifications prior to the first phone call. "We've built a service that connects Internet shoppers to landscapers without requiring landscapers to be online," says Frank Healy, President of "Once a project is requested on our consumer site the information is immediately sent via fax or email to the contractors who have requested leads from that area."

Sales leads are assigned to contractors based on the zip code the lead was generated in, and zip codes are limited to three landscaping contractors to prevent consumers from receiving an overwhelming response. Enrolling and reserving zip codes can be done over the phone or online at

"Our system of generating and providing landscaping leads is constantly changing, and we expect this to continue as our base of member contractors continues to grow," explains Healy. "Suggestions provided by member landscaping contractors from Arizona to New Jersey have already been implemented, and we look forward to implementing more as the needs of our contractors are changing."

Leads are available for commercial and residential projects, and prices range from four to twelve dollars per lead. Enroll online at or call 1-866-973-2739.

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May 26, 2019, 3:13 pm PDT

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