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NJ Contractor License Program Moves Forward

A statewide licensing program for landscape professionals was proposed in New Jersey. While some may say that bill provides for "another layer of government oversight" of the industry, it in fact, refines the current oversight regulations and establishes the landscape industry as a true profession.

Several New Jersey landscape industry associations and educators, along with Gardener News, a monthly gardening newspaper, have been working just over four years to develop a statewide licensing program for landscape professionals. In addition, they have a goal to raise public awareness of the industry and establish minimum standards for licensing and continuing education requirements.

Through their work, Senate No. 2302, which provides for licensure of landscape professionals and registration of professional landscape businesses, was filed for introduction on October 20, 2008, with Senator Nicholas P. Scutari, D-22 as the prime sponsor of the bill.

The benefits of a licensing program are numerous and include the following:

  • Provides for minimum educational requirements, continuing education and best management practices for all contractors providing landscape services.
  • Protection of the public from uneducated, uninsured or unscrupulous contractors and in turn raises the public,s perception and opinion of the landscape industry as a profession.
  • Provides for and supercedes the recently enacted Home Improvement Contractor,s Registration Act and all municipal registrations or licenses for landscape construction and maintenance activities.
  • Provides for a landscape licensing board within the Department of Agriculture to oversee the testing, licensing and continuing education requirements of the bill.

If you have questions or comments regarding the legislation, contact Senator Nicholas P. Scutari or his chief-of-staff, Frank "Skip" Stabile, at (908) 587-0404.

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