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NJ Funds Bike Path, Hwy Projects

New Jersey has allotted $1 million for the construction of new bicycle paths in parks and on roadways in six municipalities across the state, as part of a larger round of infrastructure spending.

New Jersey's transportation infrastructure is on tap for $3 million in improvements.

The state's Department of Transportation (NJDOT) announced August 8 that 53 municipalities across the state are slated for $2 million in grants from the 2012 Safe Corridors program, and another six will share $1 million from 2012 bikeway grants. The money, controlled by NJDOT's Division of Local Aid and Economic Development, is earmarked for safety improvements for motorists and cyclists alike.

''Safety is the New Jersey Department of Transportation's top priority, and these grants support safety through local enforcement and capital improvement projects,'' said NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson in a statement. ''The funding helps local governments achieve their objectives without burdening local property taxpayers.''

The Local Aid Bikeway program allows for the construction of bicycle paths both in parks as well as along roadways. Any municipality or county in the state can apply for these grants. A complete list of 2012 recipients is available at

NJDOT's Safe Corridor grant program, created in 2003, distributes resources to fourteen 10-mile segments of highways with high crash rates. The money comes from moving violation fines, which are doubled for speeding and the like while in Safe Corridors. A complete list of all the recipients is available at

NJDOT is currently accepting applications for its FY 2013 state aid programs and encourages all municipalities to apply. Additional information on these programs is available at

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June 16, 2019, 10:31 pm PDT

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