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N.J. Threatened Places Listed

The Petty's Run dig in Trenton, N.J., an archaeological dig that unearthed the remains of a stone channel that funneled the waters of a nearby creek through a pre-Revolution steel works in Trenton is one of the 10 most endangered historic sites in New Jersey, according to a list released by a state preservation organization.
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Preservation New Jersey has released its list of the ten most endangered historic places in the state. The list compiled annually, in recognition of National Preservation Month, spotlights irreplaceable historic, architectural, cultural, and archeological resources in New Jersey that are in danger of being lost.

The goal is to attract new attention and ideas to the troubled properties, hopefully preserving them for future generations, Preservation New Jersey said. The list was assembled from public nominations.

Those in danger include several houses, an old railroad station, an archaeological site, two medical buildings and a high school.

“A dearth of funds, a lack of viable rehabilitation plans and taxed municipal and state budgets are just a few of the difficult issues with which not only those sites on this year’s list, but historical properties throughout New Jersey, are currently grappling,” said Mary-Anna Holden, president of the group.

The threatened historic places listed this year are:

  • Atwood-Blauvelt Mansion, Oradell, Bergen County: A 19th century mansion currently in foreclosure and threatened by proposed development.
  • Waldwick Railroad Station, Waldwick, Bergen County: A circa-1886 railroad depot threatened by inadequate funding.
  • Zabriskie Tenant House, Paramus, Bergen County: An 18th-century stone house and former African American tenant house threatened with demolition.
  • Kruegar-Scott Mansion, Newark, Essex County: A Victorian-era mansion threatened by neglect and a taxed municipal budget.
  • Bachman Wilson House, Millstone, Somerset County: A 1954 Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece threatened by flooding and potential relocation to New York.
  • Jacob’s Creek Crossing Rural Historic Landscape, Hopewell Township, Mercer County: A rural historic landscape with 19th and 19th century significant, threatened by a proposed road realignment project.
  • Petty’s Run Archaeological Site, Trenton, Mercer County: The only known Colonial-era steel furnace whose archaeological remains have been excavated, and are not threatened by proposed reburial
  • Marshalltown, Salem County: Extant remnants of a thriving 19th century free African-American community threatened by abandonment, neglect and reclamation.
  • Penns Grove High School, Penns Grove, Salem County: A 1935 public works administration school threatened with demolition and replacement.
  • Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center’s Tracy & Swartwout buildings, Plainfield, Union County: A 1903 medical complex designed by Tracey and Swartwout, threatened by potential development.

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