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Online Water Lighting Course

The course provides designers with an overview of different methods and key design factors to achieve desired effects in lighting water, along with detailed technical and costing information. It is AIA/CES and CSI CEN approved and qualifies for 1.5 learning units.
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A new, accredited course on the topic of 'Lighting Water: Effects and Design Considerations', hosted by AEC Daily, is available online via the course link on the new Crystal Fountains website: The comprehensive course is presented by Robert Mikula, a senior associate for projects at Crystal Fountains (, one of the world's leading water feature companies. Mikula explains, "Lighting water is both a science and an art. The options increase yearly: from natural light sources to LEDs, effective lighting on water creates atmosphere, visual interest, excitement, and entertainment."

Water feature lighting methods, installation, lamp technology, and the industry's solutions for issues relating to energy consumption and sustainability are part of the program. The course also examines the different types of lighting, lighting measurements and terms, optical control, lamp life, color temperatures, energy consumption, and costs.

As a Senior Associate of Projects at Crystal Fountains and a full member of the OALA as a Landscape Architect, Robert Mikula's expertise is derived from over 17 years experience in the design and project management of a wide array of high-profile international commercial projects. Mr. Mikula also contributes to water feature educational programs as a guest instructor and advisor. Robert's career as a water feature designer involves projects from the Middle East, Europe and North America. This international exposure has resulted in extensive involvement with the water shaping process from conceptual development & testing to implementation. As such, Robert has overseen the concept development, evaluation and implementation of a variety of illumination techniques and technology.

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