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NoCal ASLA Chapter Following Bills

The Northern California Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is following several bills working through California's state legislature.

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The Northern California Chapter ASLA Chapter (CC/ ASLA) is keeping its members aware of several pieces of legislation currently making their way in the state Assembly and Senate bodies respectively.

The legislation includes:

SB644 (Hancock)/AB587 (Gordon), Public works: volunteers - legislation specifically drafted to extend the ability of various volunteer organizations to provide free labor in order to help preserve both the natural and cultural resources throughout California. Many of these resources would otherwise fall into a state of further deterioration given that current governmental funding cannot support such actions. CC/ASLA's support of these bills is directly tied to protecting landscape architects from certain liability issues that could be associated with deterioration of built works and deferred maintenance.

SB 424 (Rubio), Mechanics Liens: Design Professional - Legislation that includes amendments to the existing Mechanics Lien Laws to include the profession of landscape architecture is being actively supported by CC/ASLA. These bills will address practitioner's rights to pursue legal recourse for non-payment of design fees among other actions.

SB 67 (Price), Public Contracts: Small Business Participation - Will amend existing law to establish goals for the participation of small businesses in public procurement contracts for the provision of goods, services, information technology and for the construction of state facilities and will provide for small business preferences in the award of these contracts, give special consideration and special assistance to small businesses, and, whenever possible, make awards to small businesses. This legislation will benefit landscape architects in their ability to pursue such work both as prime contractors and sub-contractors.

SB 264 (Correa), Recreational Activities - Skate Parks - CC/ASLA has submitted a letter of support for this bill which will extend indefinitely recognition of skateboarding at a public skateboard park as a hazardous recreational activity. In doing so, it will help limit the liability of landscape architects who might be involved in the design and construction of such facilities.

AB 275 (Solorio), Rainwater Capture Act of 2011; AB 685 (Eng), State Water Policy; AB 745, California Water Plan; AB 849 (Gatto), Water: Use Efficiency - CC/ASLA will continue to follow these bills, each which pertains in some manner to the use of water in the landscape and advocate for the interests of landscape architects. This advocacy includes recent actions where on May, 18, CC/ASLA monitored and provided public comment at a meeting of the Assembly Select Committee on Regional Approaches to Addressing the State Water Crisis. The meeting focused on several issues including local implementation of the Model Landscape Water Ordinance, the advent of rainwater capture systems and other regional innovations in landscape water use. CC/ ASLA will be following up this meeting with the Chairman of the Committee, the Hon. Jose Solorio (Dem-69) who has expressed an interest in learning more about our profession and the contributions landscape architects are making on a daily basis to help solve the State's water issues.

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December 8, 2019, 8:49 am PDT

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