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North Carolina State's 2019 Design School
Registration Will Open on January 14, 2019

North Carolina State's 2019 Design School

The 2019 Design Camp covers subject matter that the North Carolina State University's College of Design instructs. The curriculum includes topics such as landscape architecture, architecture, industrial design, art design and graphic design.

"Design Camp," which is hosted by North Carolina State University's Design Lab, is a pre-college summer camp open to students in sixth grade through twelfth grade. The camp is held every summer and aims to inform "students about the study of design and raises [sic] awareness of the impact of design on all aspects of our everyday lives."

Registration for the camps will open on Monday, January 14, 2019, and any registrations after April 7 will incur a 5% late fee. There are three different camps offered: middle school day camps, high school day camps and high school residential camps.

The fee for students in middle school is $650 and includes meals, instruction, supplies, activities and insurance. The high school day camp costs $800 for ninth, tenth and eleventh graders and includes the same things as the middle school day camp. For both of these camps, the students return home each night. The dates for these two camps are July 22 through 26 or July 29 through August 2.

The high school residential camp is a little different than the other two. While the other two last four days, the high school residential camp occurs for six and is open to students in eleventh and twelfth grade. It costs $1,200 and includes housing, meals, instruction, supplies, activities and insurance. Unlike the other two camps offered, students of this camp stay at the college the entire time.

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