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Northampton Says Yes to Trees

NORTHAMPTON, MA -- Knowing how valuable greenery can be to a community, the Northampton City Council unanimously voted to approve four nominations for membership on the Citizen Tree Committee. Already $2,500 in state grants has been used to plant 17 trees in the greenway in front of Northampton High School.

Ann-Renee Larouche, who has worked as a landscape architect and planner, was selected to the eight-member committee. It also includes a member each from the planning board, board of public works, conservation commission and department of public works.

The Citizen's Tree Committee had already been in existence more than a year, before Larouche read in a local newspaper about seeking new members to the committee. "My real interest has been in promoting sustainability through master landscape design and planning," Larouche told LASN. "People need to see that trees play an important role in making the environment a better place and cleaning up the air."

With her wide range of experience, Larouche said the committee was an ideal place for her. She now has the opportunity to contribute to her home town. "My background will be beneficial from the standpoint of understanding how trees grow, their aesthetics and environmental considerations," said Larouche. "I know what trees need to thrive, how they affect the microclimate and how to handle erosion control."

Larouche said she can contribute to the committee in a number of ways, especially in selecting plant species and determining where they're planted. She's interested in specifying native plantings, which would help keep the wildlife close to the site.

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December 6, 2019, 12:48 pm PDT

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