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Well . . . the recession appears to be pretty well behind us. According to government sources, construction spending has grown by some 1.5% since December . . . The Gross National Product (through which recessions are officially defined) is expected to show continued growth in the first quarter of 2002 . . . Housing starts are up 6% from a year ago . . . And Yes . . . Spring is in the air! El Nino . . . In the last issue I mentioned that El Nino is being forecast for the upcoming winter. Hopefully science will prove to be correct. Drought has become a nationwide issue with drought conditions affecting up to 1/3 of this fair country. From New Jersey to North Carolina, across the plains and into California, the wet stuff just hasn't fallen like it usually does. Now is a great time to be leaders of the land and show your clients what you know about drought and landscape development. The use of turfgrass (Oh yeah . . . This issue is all about turfgrass . . . ) Anyways . . . the use of turfgrass is often thought of as a major negative for drought-oriented regions . . . However, science has produced several varieties of turfgrass that fare well with less water and produce great root systems which absorb and hold what little water there is. Doug Fender, Executive Director of the TPI (Turf Producers International) has provided us with a very timely piece on water use and turfgrass (see page 36). Not just a rain fall issue, water distribution and processing will have a continuing affect on the use of grass in the landscape . . . Of course, knowing your climate zone is essential in picking the right turfgrass so hopefully you will find the article dealing with climate zones (see page 30) to be particularly helpful. Additionally, while the scientists tell us that we should expect rain this winter, nothing is more likely to confuse the experts than good 'ole Mother Nature. I recommend the Ben Franklin approach, where if you expect the worst and the worst happens then nothing has happened that you didn't expect. On the other hand if the worst doesn't happen then things are always better than expected . . . This would be a prudent approach to adopt for the months(?years?) ahead. Let's just say that it would be best to not rely on the weathermen . . . Let us know what you think . . . As Landscape Contractor Magazine completes its national distribution plan we want to hear from you. As such, we have provided a postage-paid reply card on page 12, allowing you give us your two cents worth without coughing up the two cents . . . Whether you love us, hate us or just want to open discussion on an issue affecting your business, please use the card to let us know . . . World Premieres . . . Keep your eye out for the World Premiere icon throughout this National Landscape Contractor Magazine . . . This issue features 12 products never before seen in industry publications and we look forward to expanding this service to continue to bring you the very latest and most current products made to make your job a little better or a little easier . . . God Bless and hope you all had a great Easter and/or Passover . . .

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