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NRPA Urges Renewal of Land and
Water Conservation Fund

LWCF Expires Sept. 30

NRPA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing park, recreation and conservation efforts, is asking members to tweet their representatives about the importance of renewing the LWCF, which expires September 30.

While Congress is on recess during the month of August, the National Recreation and Park Association, in partnership with the American Planning Association, is asking members to take action to ensure that the Land and Water Conservation Fund is renewed. The LWCF is set to expire on September 30. NRPA supports reauthorization with full and permanent funding.

Created in 1965, the LWCF protects public lands including national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests, rivers and lakes, community parks, trails, and ball fields.

There are currently three bills that would permanently reauthorize the LWCF. S. 338 would permanently reauthorize the fund while directing a percentage to opening up additional access to public lands for recreational use. H.R. 1814 is the House companion to S. 338 and makes the same provisions. S. 890 would not only permanently reauthorize the fund, but would provide full, dedicated and permanent funding.

The NRPA is asking members to reach out to Congress through Twitter to emphasize the importance of reauthorizing the fund. For maximum impact, use the hashtag #RenewLWCF, tag your member of Congress and @NRPA_news, and include a picture of people using the LWCF-funded park.

By creating engagement on social media, NRPA hopes to spark interaction and showcase the importance of reauthorizing the LWCF to members of Congress.

There is a petition on to renew the LWCF - view and sign it at

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