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Oklahoma State University's Freeze Tolerant Turf
Sod Production Services Named Licensor and Marketer

Oklahoma State University's Freeze Tolerant Turf

The word 'Tahoma' is a Native American word that means 'frozen water,' which describes Tahoma 31's key characteristic; its ability to withstand cold temperatures.

Oklahoma State University has named Sod Production Services the master licensing and marketing agent for Tahoma 31TM Bermudagrass, reported to be one of the most winter-hardy hybrid bermudagrasses on the market.

Tahoma 31 was developed by leading turfgrass researchers at Oklahoma State University in response to a growing need for a cold tolerant and drought resistant bermudagrass variety. Shown by testing in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass excelled.

"We are releasing one of the most cold-tolerant varieties ever developed," said Chad Adcock, VP of Business Development at Sod Production Services. "It's a super grass where reduced water usage is desired and it's very tolerant of wear and traffic as well."

One of the biggest problems among cold-tolerant grasses is winter damage compounded by traffic and wear that occurs in the fall. After a season of intense play, some bermudagrass varieties wear out and lose their protective canopy, making them more susceptible to winterkill. But not Tahoma 31.

Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass displayed its winter survivability during NTEP trials in West Lafayette, Ind. When other bermudagrasses had almost 100% winterkill, Tahoma 31 had only 4%. Reportedly, it also came out of dormancy earlier and turned green faster than other bermudagrasses tested.

A new website,, offers research, resources, videos, and information about the grass.

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